Free Open World Zombie Survival Game

Free Open World Zombie Survival Game

The reason I decided to write this article was that I played this game on a stream and there were a lot of people asked me what I was playing. I was really surprised that I got asked that so much because I thought pretty much everyone had some idea of what the game was. The game is called Unturned

What Is Unturned

So, what exactly is this game? The game is called unturned, and unturned is a zombie survival game, with base building. It is a combination of a couple of games. The game is also free and I think that’s a reason why the game is so fun.

How is it Like Rust and DayZ

The game can feel similar to Dayz because a lot of what you do is roam the map and loot various locations while at the same time being cautious of other players on the map.

You also don’t need to just focus on trying not to die from other human players but also the different kinds of zombies around.

This is another similarity with DayZ that the game has. There are all kinds of zombies from running and crawling zombies to spitters to even large bosses like zombies, which are really fun to kill.

It's similar to Rust in that there’s all the looting and roaming but unturned also has the base building and not the only base building but base raiding.

You can even use a tank to raid


This game has an insane amount of things you can craft. All kinds of explosives and healing items.

The list is endless and the possibilities will keep you interested for a long time.

Skill Tree

Not only does this game have a lot of crafting items, but a skill point system.

You gain points from killing zombies and players and use those points on different skills that can give you an advantage.

Skill trees also don’t transfer from server to server. So if you upgrade your entire skill tree in one server, it won’t apply to any other servers.

What I like about this skill tree addition is that you don’t see this in other games that are in this genre. It not only has all these buildings, looting, and zombie survival aspects going for it but you also now have a skill tree to work on and it rewards you for killing stuff.


Unturned also has over 30 separate maps and all of them are unique and vary in sizes.

Each map has different locations, small houses and farms to even big cities that are hot spots and sometimes really risky to go through.

There are also military bases where you find the higher tier loot. There are also supply drops and larger boss-type zombies, these large zombie bosses drop good loot to reward you for killing them.


You are also able to move around the map with different types of vehicles, remember when I talked about raiding with a tank before?

Well, there are those and also all kinds of cars and military vehicles. There are planes and helicopters, I mean, it took rust how long to add cars?

Well, unturned has tons of vehicles that just make the game a lot more interesting.


Something else that I really like about this game is the insane amount of weapons that you can use.

Not only is there a large list of weapons you can use, but you can also customize them with scopes and other attachments.

Shoot-outs, in general, can be really tense and especially if you have a lot of valuables on you. The combat feels really satisfying.


This game is really fun and it’s completely free on Steam. It isn’t hard to run at all so if you have a low spec computer then this would be perfect for you. You are getting a little bit of rust and dayZ in a blocky presentation for free.

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