Free Fall Guys Game on Steam? - Bro Falls

Free Fall Guys Game on Steam? - Bro Falls

To sum up Bro Falls, a rejected broccoli in a grocery store now plans to make sure there is no more food in the entire universe.

I mean, it’s weird but in a way, it gives more backstory than Fall Guys did.

Before I go any further, I’m gonna preference this article by saying, I had a lot of fun playing this game and I found myself raging a LOT less than I do with Fall Guys, but that’s probably because I didn’t spend any money on it.

So, obviously, the game is a copy of Fall Guys but the real question is, is it better than Fall Guys? Or should you even consider purchasing Fall Guys if you can just download Bro Falls on steam for free?

And that's really the big detail that we need to focus on here. The game is completely free on steam, while Fall Guys will cost you $20 dollars.

If that itself doesn’t convince you and you wanna know more, well then, grab some popcorn or some Gfuel, and let’s compare Fall Guys and Bro Fall.


Okay, the first thing I noticed and I am sure you had too is how the game looks. It looks nearly identical.

If I didn’t know too much about Fall Guys and you showed me Bro Falls and told me it was Fall Guys, I would have believed you.

I mean this is actually impressive, considering how similar they were able to make the game look to Fall Guys.

The color palette and general look of Fall Guys is something that I’ve always praised. It’s like focusing on what makes Nintendo games exclusively unique looking and feeling and bringing them onto other platforms.

The fact that Bro Falls was able to mimic this look virtually identically, is really impressive.


Okay now that I got that out of the way, I am absolutely positive that you are wondering about how the game feels and whether it rivals the gameplay of Fall Guys.

The answer to that is...mostly.

So, here’s the thing, the game does really feel like Fall guys, the ragdoll physics and kind of unpredictable movement style feels really similar to Fall Guys.

I will say that it’s definitely not as, I don’t know, refined I guess. Like little things will happen that you didn’t really plan on doing. Sometimes you’ll fall short or jump late and it isn’t a user error. It can be a little wonky but honestly, I actually enjoyed the movement.

You can also grab other players and do that little dive thing that you do in Fall Guys. I also wanna say that it’s slightly harder to get through any given level in Bro Falls but not by much.

Oh, a major difference in the level structure and gameplay is the broccoli guy. So, as you maneuver through the courses, there will be traps that will activate every now and then. What this actually is, is the broccoli dude activating traps.

I actually thought this worked and made it a little more interesting. Also, what’s really cool is that once you qualify, you don’t just spectate, but you actually go to an area just outside of the course where the broccoli guy is activating the traps.

You can’t activate them yourself but you can run after the broccoli guy and hit him to stop him from activating traps. He’ll respond, but it’s cool how you can kinda control some aspects of the level.

This area was actually super fun and gave you something to do while you wait for the other qualifying players.

I do wanna mention that there were some glitches that I ran into. The biggest was when somehow I broke my camera or something and I was able to look around the entire level. Also, the game sometimes runs a little slow and will have these little glitches but I mean, nothing to make me quit because of it.


The first thing you see when you load up the game is obviously the menu and shop, and well, surprise, it looks just like Fall Guys.

I was actually pretty impressed with their season pass and shop options. I actually was wanting to get some of the stuff on there.

I can also see them being able to come up with basically endless costume ideas since there are so many different types of foods.

I don’t know, the whole concept of the game is really fun and cute so I actually kinda liked the shop and the menu.

They also have the same type of currency structure as Fall Guys. You have the crowns and the kudos but I don’t think they call them kudos, but the general structure is the same.


One of the biggest issues that Fall Guys had when it first was released, was the amount of content that it released with.

This isn’t as much of an issue now since there have been new maps added with each season, but I do have to say that Bro Falls suffers from the same issue with its release.

You end up playing a lot of the same maps and from what I can see there are probably around like 4-7ish maps. So, if that kind of bothered you with Fall Guys then just know that that’s there.

I mentioned it before but the shop and the season pass, from what I saw, had a lot to offer, and I think the concept of the game basically allows there to be a lot more items to be added.

Also, if you are wondering, the traps that get activated by the broccoli guy seem to be in the same order each time. I can’t 100 percent verify that but it generally is the same pattern, but as I said before, you can hit him with your hammer once you qualify and kinda mess up his routine.

So, as of right now, I only see there is so much to be played, but with friends and the ability to have up to 60 player lobbies, I don’t know, I guess it just depends on if you get bored fast.


Okay, I’ll be honest and go out and say that obviously, Fall Guys is the better game, but the question is, by how much? Could you just download Bro Falls and get almost the same experience without having to pay $20 dollars?

With that said, Bro Falls is 100 percent free, and give or take gives you basically the same experience as you get with Fall Guys. You are missing maps and obviously, you won’t be getting crossover costumes, but if you and your friends don’t feel like spending the money, you can have probably just as much fun.

What’s weird is that for some reason, with the start of the game and the whole premise, this game reminded me of Little Big Planet 2. So, if you aren’t aware, Little Big Planet 2 was basically a second childhood to me.

Maybe it was the movement of the characters or just the spoof nature of the game but probably just me.

Anyway, yeah I mean I’ve always rooted for Fall Guys and I want it to succeed, but I’ll also say that, hey, if you don’t want to spend the money and you have some friends that are in the same boat, just go ahead and download Bro Falls.

You don’t really have anything to lose considering it’s free and you are basically getting the same experience just, you know, not as good.

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