Fastest Way to Get Scrap in Astroneer

Fastest Way to Get Scrap in Astroneer

Scrap is a very important material to get in astroneer. It allows you to trade for other materials with the trade platform. If you know how to use it and how to get it fast, it can be a must have.

The common method of getting scrap is to collect scrap around the planet and put them in your salvager. In this article, I will show you the fastest and easiest way that I found to get scrap.

Gather Soil

The first thing you will need to do is make two canisters, and fill them up with soil.

Soil Centrifuge

You will then need to fill your soil centrifuge up.

Make resin and this will create 8 resin.


You will want to make canisters will all the resin you get.


With all of these canisters, you can salvage them and get 1 scrap for every 3-4 canisters.

It only takes about a minute or two to finish this process. If you repeat this process over and over, you will have an unlimited supply of scrap.

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