Fastest Way to Get Clay in Astroneer

Fastest Way to Get Clay in Astroneer

There are some materials in astroneer that are very difficult to get and can require you to travel to other planets. Clay is not one of these materials. Clay can be found on every planet and is not that hard to find. That doesn't mean mining clay deposits is the fastest and most effective way to get it.

The fastest way to get Clay is to use the soil centrifuge. Filling up soil canisters and using them to fill up the centrifuge can allow you to make 6 clay blocks.


The centrifuge is pretty easy to make. This machine allows you to turn soil into various substances. This machine can be printed on a medium printer and requires the materials listed below.

  • 2x Compound
  • 1x Aluminum

Soil Canisters

The next thing you will want to do is craft soil canisters. These can be crafted on your backpack. I recommend crafting at least 2.

Canisters are made out of resin so you will need to find some resin to mine.

The next step is to mine some soil. Find some land that you don't mind getting destroyed and mine the soil. As you mine, you will notice the meter on your soil canisters will start to fill up.

Once your canisters are all filled up and green, you can make your way back to the centrifuge.

Making The Clay

Go ahead and place the soil canisters into the centrifuge. It takes two full canisters to fill up the centrifuge.

Go into the menu and find clay. Once you find clay, you can go ahead and start the centrifuge up.

6 clay blocks will spawn. That is pretty much it. This is the fastest method to use when getting clay.

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