Extremely Underrated Battle Royal on Steam

Extremely Underrated Battle Royal on Steam


Okay here me out, I am a huge fan of battle royals. My addiction to them started back in the OG PUBG beta and then after that it actually kind of died out for a while.

PUBG disappointed me with the direction it was going and I never really enjoyed Fortnite or even Apex, although I am starting to try it out again.

I never even played warzone when it first was released and just really got into it at the end of 2020.

So, I actually really enjoy the competitive nature of battle royals, and being a hardcore warzone player, there are times I look for something, umm, let’s say less infuriating at times.

Anyway, I say all of this to introduce you to a battle royal that you may not have heard of, Super Animal Royal.

So, how’s it going everyone, I’m Caleb from CuboldGaming and in this article, we’re gonna take a look at, in my opinion, a super underrated BR, Super Animal Royal.

What is Super Animal Royal

So, I originally came across the game, I wanna say in June of this year, but I naturally was really curious about what the game was all about.

The game is basically your traditional battle royal, launching everyone on the map and you depend on the loot that you get.

Also, something important that I wanna say is that the game is extremely fun, and even some of my friends that don’t like BR’s really enjoyed this one. It has this, I don’t know, feel about it that even if you lose you don’t get mad because it’s just not as aggravating as some other BR’s.

It’s super relaxed and even if you sweat in the game you can still have a ton of fun playing it, or at least that’s how I feel and I’m a warzone fan.

Obviously what’s majorly different is the premise of the game. So, from what I know, you are a bunch of genetically modified animals fighting to the death in an abandoned safari park.

Aside from that, some other details about the game are that there are 64 player lobbies, which I’ve never had an issue getting, but I’ll talk about that later, and oh you get to ride around on other animals and things like a hamster ball or an ostrich.

You also have the zone and I’d compare the looting and weapons to something like Fortnite actually and you’ll see why when I start to explain what the gameplay is like.


So, like I just mentioned, the looting reminds me of Fortnite, and obviously, there isn’t any building so what do I mean?

Well, first off there aren’t any loadouts like in Warzone, and the real reason I say it’s similar to Fartnite is because of the healing system in the game.

You have health kits to fill up your health bar and then you have the shield drink stuff, I know they have a name for it but I forget. I guess Apex has that too but the drinking part reminds me of Fortnite.

Other than that the entire game is very different from any other BR and it’s got its own identity to it.

One thing that I think should be added to the game is a buy-back feature or at least something like a gulag or something similar. Once you die it’s over and I think the game would benefit from being able to get bought back or being able to fight your way back.

The most obvious thing about the game is that it’s a 2D overhead view, so that creates a completely different dynamic than what you’ll be used to.

Even more so than third-person, this is a lot different. I actually enjoy it and it isn’t crazy with how much you can see.

So, how it works is you have a specific field of view and any objects or buildings will block your view of seeing anyone in those objects or buildings, and if you are in a building, your view is somewhat limited to what is in that building.

I’m probably not explaining it the best but you’ll have to try it for yourself, basically, I think the way they set it up works out pretty well.

The gunplay feels great, obviously, you won’t be dealing with recoil really because of the 2D view of the game. It’s mostly point and shoot but that doesn’t mean it’s easy to kill other players.

There are a lot of moving elements that you need to take into account when shooting at the other players. One specifically is the rolling in the game. So, you can do these dash-type rolls but if you time them just right you can go crazy fast.

So if you run into the better players, it’s pretty hard to track them since most are rolling all around, kinda like in Warzone with slide canceling.

Overall I really like the gameplay and it’s way different than your average battle royal movement and gunplay.


I won’t spend a lot of time talking about the map but I really really want to talk about the map because I actually think it’s one of if not the most interesting and dynamic maps in any BR that I’ve ever played.

Okay, obviously this won’t be as immersive as some of the other BR’s maps because it’s only 2D but for what it is it’s extremely impressive.

I gotta say that there don’t really seem to be any overly populated points of interest on the map. I mean there are a few, but no matter where you land there always seems to be someone else that lands next to you, or at least when I’ve played.

The map is split into multiple sections but there are so many different parts to it that I don’t feel I can accurately name them all.

Some of the larger areas are forest areas, farm areas, there is a winter section and some beach parts too.

Not only that but there are really cool caves around the map that have these purple crystal formations and secret laboratories hidden around too.

Basically what I’m trying to say is that the map is extremely dynamic and really interesting. There aren’t any real dull areas on the map and as I said before, this has got to be one of the most enjoyable BR maps that I’ve played.


A concern of a lot of battle royals is whether or not they have enough base content to retain the player base, and enough active new content to bring more people in and keep the player base happy.

First I gotta say that in the game as I mentioned before, I never had an issue with finding matches. That said I checked the steam charts and it’s got a real solid player base.

At any given time, there are about 1700 players on the game, and when I say at any given time, I mean this is hardcore consolidation.

The game almost never has any dynamic number changes so the people that play the game really love it, and this game is three years old too.

The developers are always updating the game with new skins and items, but I don’t think there have been any new maps. I also don’t know if they plan on adding a new map either.

Bringing up the skins, the cosmetics in the game are really fun too and in order to change your animal or genetically modified animal, you can do tests to create new breeds and types.

It’s a really fun way of giving players the ability to change up their appearance.

I think the game isn’t going anywhere anytime soon and the content is really solid here, just hoping they add a new map soon or maybe some more game modes.

Should You Try it Out?

So, should you try it out? I mean, c'mon, being a killer furry in a battle royale format? Of course, you try it. I'm just messing, I’m not a furry, but in all seriousness, I really do like this game and I almost seem to hop on every now and then to just relax and have some fun.

I actually feel like this could contend with the bigger titles, or at least supplement to the big three BR’s, kind of a funny alternative that people play to blow off some steam.

The game is completely free on steam so honestly, send your friends this video and convince them to play with you and just try it out.

It’s a whole lot of fun and I really hope to see some more attention on the game.

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