Does Level Matter In Nioh 2?

Does Level Matter In Nioh 2?

When it comes to souls-like games, Nioh 2 does things a little different than the norm. There are all sorts of builds to play and each weapon type has a massive skill tree that levels up when you use them. One big thing you might be wondering is if your level actually matters.

Yes and no. It just depends on what level you are talking about. Character level does not matter as much in this game. When a mission has a recommended level, it is talking about your equipment level. 

Your character level only helps make the use of your equipment better and more easy to use. When looking at a mission, make sure you have around the recommended level of gear or you might have a really hard time getting through it.

So what is more important - gear or level?

This is a hard question. Nioh 2 requires you to have around the recommended level for every mission, so it really comes down to what do you want to excel at first. It has so much customization that both are needed.

If you think your gear is not cutting it for a mission, grind out some levels and see if that helps you complete missions easier. Leveling up your gear also helps your character level, but only by a small percentage.

The good thing about Nioh 2 is that there are no bad weapons to use, they all have their strengths and weaknesses. From katanas to glaives, you will need a good mix of character level and gear level to proceed without having too much difficulty.

Do you need to change your weapons out a lot?

Not necessarily, but you will need to change your weapons based on the mission or stage you are about to do. One mission might have a bunch of strong enemies, so you will need a weapon to do a lot of damage in a quick amount of time.

Picking up the right weapons is going to be based on your play style and what you find useful. Nioh 2 has so many different weapons to choose from, so there is something for everyone.

You can play the entire game with only one weapon type, but you will need to change out your weapon for something with more damage later on. Just keep in mind that you might want to try out all the weapons because there might be one specific one that you will enjoy using.

Do you need to grind to level up?

Not really. Nioh 2 is a very balanced game and you should be able to get through most missions if you have the right gear. However, Nioh 2 does not tell you what to do or where to go next. You will need to explore for yourself and find out what works best for your play style.

The game does give you the freedom to stay in a mission for as long as you want so don't be afraid to grind out some Amrita if you want a few extra levels. The best part is that it is not required and you aren't forced to do anything you wouldn't want to do.

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