Comparing The newer Assassin's Creed Games (Origins, Odyssey, and Valhalla)

Comparing The newer Assassin's Creed Games (Origins, Odyssey, and Valhalla)

The newer Assassin's Creed games have been very hit-or-miss with the community. Still, even if you like the games or hate them, you have to admit that they are very impressive games, whether you are exploring ancient Egypt, ancient Greece, or the British Isles.

When we say newer games, we will cover the three newest games from when this video was released: Origins, Odyssey, and Valhalla. All three of these games are very similar in gameplay and have adapted the new RPG style of gameplay that Origins introduced back in 2017.

This new system allows Ubisoft to do good and bad things, like making paid skins a big part of the system. It does suck, but they don’t force any microtransactions down your throat.

There are other things you can buy that will give you materials you can find while playing, but that just takes away from the whole experience if you end up buying them.

We were thinking about doing a point system that we could compare the games with, but it is much simpler just to describe what each game has and tell you which one we prefer.

What is each game about?

As we said before, all of these games are very similar to each other. It is good to know that each game is built on the mechanics of its previous entry, but some things in each game aren’t great either.

Yes, we do have to say that we enjoyed our time in all three games, and we will start this video by telling you what each game is about.

Starting off with Assassins' Creed Origins, it puts you in the shoes of Bayek, a Medjay to the Pharoah of Egypt. The game has you exploring Ancient Egypt, and the story is about Bayek getting revenge on the Order of the Ancients, who are responsible for killing his son.

The second game in this new style is assassins creed Odyssey. This game puts you in the shoes of either Alexios or his sister Kassandra. You are pretty much a nobody at first exploring Ancient Greece. The game has you hunting down an ancient cult called the Cult of Cosmos, who are trying to take over every aspect of the world at that time.

The newest game in the series as of this video is assassins creed Valhalla. The game starts you off in Norway as a Viking named Eivor. You and a group of Vikings set sail to England, where you are tasked with unifying all the different colonies in England against the Order of the Ancients.

Each game is pretty unique, but we do have to say that they all feel very similar to each other. That could be a good or a bad thing, depending on how you enjoy that gameplay.

1 - The exploration/open-world

The first things we will talk about are the game’s exploration and its open worlds. All three games have massive worlds you can explore, and they all also have DLC that adds even more areas to each game.

Origins probably have the smallest world of the three games, but it is my favorite of the three to explore. It is literally Egypt; what more can you ask for? Yes, the game gets repetitive with all the desert areas, but it is Egypt; they couldn't have made it any better. If ancient Egypt interests you, this is the game for you.

Odyssey has the biggest world of the three games. Remember that 30% of it is water, so it isn’t as big as it looks, but it is massive. It is the only game we didn’t explore almost to its fullest because it would have taken a very long time. There is a ton of variety in each area, and it just has an amazing world. Not as fun to explore as Origins, though.

Valhalla is hard to talk about since the world just looks incredible. It definitely feels small when you look at the map, but when you look at all the locations you can go to, it starts to feel overwhelming. It definitely perfected the map system, with it not being as cluttered, so it is the most fun to try and find everything the game offers.

So to determine which game has the best exploration, we will probably say Odyssey since the world is soo large and there is just soo much to explore. Plus, its DLC areas are absolutely stunning if you have played them.

2 - The story/side quests

When it comes to the stories of the three games, one comes out on top. Each game has a good story, so if you are wondering which one you should play, just look at the setting and see which one you prefer.

Origins has an amazing story. The characters in it didn’t feel thrown in, and the side quests feel very crafted. Ubisoft actually took an extra year to focus on this game, and it paid off. A lot of work was put into this game, and it is totally worth playing for the story alone. Even the DLCs have great stories of you beating the main story and wanting more.

Odyssey is a very odd game when it comes to its main story. The game is long, and the story is pretty good. It has many slow moments, but the characters make it interesting enough to push through the whole thing. The DLC stories definitely make up for the main story, especially the Atlantis DLC.

Valhalla’s story is not as good as Origins, but it is better than odyssey’s. It does have a lot of slow moments like the odyssey, but it feels like you are making a difference in the world. The side quests are also very good, but the newer ones aren’t great since they consider this game a live service. We must warn you that the main quest takes at least 60 hours on average to complete.

Regarding both side quests and story, we will say that Origins has the best missions out of the three games. Not only do they feel different, but the ending is actually one of the best in the series. It is a must-play if you enjoy story games.

3 - The combat/stealth

Comparing the combat and stealth of the three games is actually very easy. To put it bluntly, the games got better as they came out. Ubisoft definitely learned how to make the games better and better every year from its previous entry.

Origins has the most basic combat system. You can go into a situation with your sword swinging or use your hidden blade to take the enemies out silently. Remember that not all enemies can be defeated immediately with the hidden blade, making the experience for stealthy players difficult. The combat is pretty simple in this game.

Odyssey is the game that changed up the combat system entirely. Not only were the mechanics tuned to be better, but there were not a ton of different abilities for both melee combat and bow combat. It made for many different playstyles you couldn’t do in Origins. Odyssey is a step up from the previous game before it.

Valhalla has the best combat out of the three. Not only did they add satisfying finishers to the game, but they also added dismemberment. This system made the game a million times better and is totally worth playing if you enjoy satisfying combat. You also have a lot more freedom when it comes to weapon options. You can dual-wield shields in the game; what more can you want?

Valhalla’s combat is great because Ubisoft listened to the community, and it has some of the most satisfying combat in the entire assassins creed series.

There are probably more things we can compare among these games, but we feel these are the most important aspects of the newer assassins creed genre that Ubisoft has created. We hope that the next game learns from its mistakes from these three games and considers the best parts of each one.

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