Can You Center The Crosshair in Hunt Showdown? How to Improve Your Aim

Can You Center The Crosshair in Hunt Showdown? How to Improve Your Aim

Hunt Showdown is a competitive first-person PvP and PvE bounty hunting game that was released back at the start of 2018. Although the game has not taken off and gained hundreds of thousands of players, it is still a great competitive game that feels like no other.

Hunt Showdown is not a battle royal and it really isn't your typical "Call of Duty" shooter. I would relate it to be closer to something like Escape from Tarkov. It requires patience and a methodical approach when playing. The run and gun mentality won't work here.

Because of this different FPS style of gameplay that this game has, it also has a much more in-depth learning curve. Meaning you'll need strategies and practice when shooting. Aiming is also something that is very different in this game. Not only is it something you will need to learn, but it also functions differently and the crosshair is in a place that you may not be used to seeing it.

Can You Center The Crosshair in Hunt Showdown? 

In short, no. You can not center the crosshair in Hunt Showdown.

The crosshair in Hunt Showdown is not centered. It sits below where you would expect it to be just a bit. What is the reasoning for this?

Why is The Crosshair Not Centered in Hunt Showdown?

The developers purposely make the crosshair lowered in order to allow the player to take in the environment more. They didn't want to obscure any of the gameplay elements because of the centering of a crosshair.

They also state that they wanted to create something that was different from the norm. The experience in Hunt Showdown is something they wanted to be separate from anything else.

You can watch the developer's response here: Twitch Clip

How to Improve Your Aim in Hunt Showdown

Improving your aim is not always as simple as just dialing in some settings, although in this article I am going to try and help you dial in some settings so that the non-centered crosshairs are easier to adapt to.

Hunter vs Gunslinger

Before diving into your settings too much, make sure you know what you would prefer to have as your foundational aiming.

Hunter is a more close-up and personal approach to the game. You automatically melee when attacking in your default state. This works well if you have a fast-paced class set-up. This most likely won't work for those of you that like to keep a distance and run a sniper or rifle.

Gunslinger is a more well-rounded option and I can see is a better option for most people. Instead of being in a lowered gun state by default, you are always ready to fire and if you want to lower your weapon, you can do that manually. When in your resting state, you don't melee but rather shoot automatically.

Field of View Settings

As a competitive gamer myself, it is a no-brainer to take advantage of a higher FOV if at all possible. Although things may appear further away, you get a competitive advantage by being able to see more around you.

Other than setting your FOV, you should get into a game and decide what type of Lowered state field of view you prefer. I go with the default but take note that any setting you go with will affect change the FOV status when scoped in or not.

Sensitivity settings

Lastly, because Hunt Showdown is so different from other PVP games, you have a lot more options in your sensitivity settings than most games.

Your Shoulder Aim acts as your hip-fire sensitivity but also acts as your normal-looking sensitivity.

Your Aim Down sights sensitivity is what you will want to zone in the most. This will make or break your aiming speed and accuracy. It may be tempting to go with a fast sensitivity because it makes it feel like you can flick better but in most cases, a lower sensitivity pays off for accuracy.

The rest of the settings will be very preference based and I recommend getting these dialed in.

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