Satisfactory - Buy or Pass

Satisfactory - Buy or Pass


There is not much of a story to the game, so I can’t really say anything about that, but there is a ton of exploration you can do. Since the game is still in Early Access, I guess it is possible for them to implement some kind of story into the game, but in all honesty, I don’t really know how they would do that.

There is a tutorial because there is a learning curve to the game. It is very easy to understand, but when it comes time to automate everything, it can be overwhelming with all the different things you need to do.


Going back to the exploration though, the terrain and all the different areas you can go are insane. You need to find a good area with a ton of ore deposits close by or else you will have a hard time trying to get the materials to your factory.

I have seen other people’s factories, and some people spend hundreds of hours just automating everything so they can have an easier time creating new factories and whatnot. There are different biomes to explore and creatures to kill so don’t worry about the game being boring.


Surprisingly, there is combat in the game. When I was first dropped into the game, I kept dying by the enemies near my spawn. I would then run around in circles waiting for them to go away, but you need to pull out your weapon and destroy them before they destroy you. You also have health, and you can increase it by finding food around the planet.

You can also get better weapons that make it easier to take down larger beasts, and you sometimes need the animal’s materials to make certain tools. Once a beast is defeated, you will need to go to another area to find more material, but at least they are not near your spawn. There are plenty of creatures to go around so don’t worry about running out.

Graphics and Optimization

The graphics and optimization are the main things I noticed about this game. From the moment I saw the screenshots of the game, I knew I wanted to get the game. It is one of those games when you get to a new area, you just want to explore it because it looks cool.

The animations of the tools and buildings are absolutely incredible, and the game runs amazingly well. I would definitely say this is one of the best and most polished early access building games I have seen yet. Coffee Stain Studios did a fantastic job with it and I am very happy to see where they take the game next.


The gameplay in Satisfactory is what gives it life. It is not too hard to place the items down, and it also does not take hours and hours to get anywhere in the game. The main goal of the game is to fully automate everything so you might start out with a small generator, but as you progress, you might upgrade to a massive coal generator that keeps a steady flow of energy to your factory.

It is a really satisfying game to play, especially if you worked hard to build up your factory. There are also a bunch of vehicles to make as well so you can fully automate trucks and trains to take materials to different areas. The way the developers created the game is brilliant and I give them a lot of credit for doing so.

I can’t really explain all that entails with the building because it is one of those things you need to find out yourself, but I think it is very polished and it works very well for the game.

Buy or Pass

The developers are always coming out with updates so if you want to see the game get updated, which allows you to see the game being built from the ground up, then take a look at the game, it definitely is above a lot of other Early Access games, and it will keep getting better.

I would definitely say that this game is a definite buy, no matter if you are playing by yourself or with friends, which you can. It is one of those games where you will be impressed by the way you can do certain things and it does not take too long to get materials.

It just takes a while to get started. If you are interested in the game and you liked this buy or pass, then make sure to check the game out.

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