Project Warlock - Buy or Pass

Project Warlock - Buy or Pass


The first thing that the game did very well captures the retro-style graphics. I have played the old-school games before, but for some reason, I did not have an interest in beating them. From the moment I started this game, I knew I wanted to see all the game had to offer. I love the design of the game because it gives you a certain feeling while playing it.

The game also has special settings to customize it however you want. If you want, you can change the look to be more like a Gameboy, or you can make it look like you are playing on a SEGA Genesis. There are endless possibilities with everything the game gives you for customization for the graphics. If you like the old-school type graphics, then you will really like this game.


The combat is the frosting on the cake though because of all the weapons you can use and enemies you can defeat. As I said before, there are 4 different areas with different themes to them. As you go through the game, you will get more and more weapons to use, and then when you go to the Workshop, the HUB area, you can upgrade everything you have, even your special abilities.

Speaking of special abilities, there are a ton of scrolls you can find in the game that gives you different bonuses to use as your special like a light for dark rooms and using mana to give you more ammo. There is a lot to this game than you think. It is an indie game, but sometimes the developers put their time and effort into them to make them a great experience rather than to get money from the player.


The exploration in this game is actually really fun. There are a ton of secrets to find in the game, and if you have played the old-school games, they are made a lot like them. You have to check each wall to see if there are special ammo or scrolls behind them or they might open a secret passage to beat the level faster.

The game tells you how many secrets are at each level so you aren’t wasting too much time trying to find them. Also, the level design is done really well. Each level consists of you finding keys and unlocking doors while defeating enemies along the way. It does sound a little boring, but believe me, I was not bored at all with any of the games. The game is also non-linear so you can run around anywhere to your heart’s content.


The enemy design is really cool because some fall apart as you shoot them. The larger enemies actually are still alive when you blow their arms or body parts off, but that is what makes it really cool. Yes, the older games had the same thing, but this game feels very polished in every way possible.

I like seeing games that work hard to throw little details into them, but most people overlook them when they play it. This game is a very underrated game, but that is what makes it good. There is a small player base to it, but I feel it needs to have more people at least try it for a little bit. The enemies do look very similar to the ones in previous old games, but that is what the game is going for.

Buy or Pass?

There is not much to say about the game other than it is a definite buy. Not only is it a fun game, but it is also very cheap. I don’t think it is on consoles yet, but it might be put on in the future. The max you need to pay for this game is $12US Dollars, but I actually got it on sale for $4US Dollars.

If anything, just buy the game on steam or and you try it out. There is also a demo for you to try if you don’t think you will try it, but I would recommend at least checking it out for yourself. Do yourself a favor and try this game.

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