Buy or Pass: Hades 2 (Early Access Review)

Buy or Pass: Hades 2 (Early Access Review)

Have you ever played a game that you loved soo much that you were worried that the sequel wasn't going to be as good? Well, when it comes to Hades 2, if you liked the first game, then you will really enjoy this one.

When it comes to the original Hades, we absolutely loved it because of the sheer amount of content it had packed within it.

The rogue-like aspects of the game made it so that you can play the game over and over again and every run will be different. With Hades 2, it is everything that was great in the first game, and more. So here is our buy or pass review of Hades 2.

Game Presentation (Graphics, Optimization, Bugs, Glitches)

If you have played the first Hades, then you are very familiar with how the game looks in terms of presentation. It has a very smooth cartoonish look to it that is impressively simple, but extremely pleasing to look at.

The way that the developers crafted the world is really unique, and that is the main reason that this game is soo good. It is also one of the most optimized games you can play.

It will run at the highest framerate that your monitor will allow and all you need is a potato to run it perfectly. We actually downloaded it on our Steam Decks and it is perfect playing a game like that on a handheld.

It is very refreshing to see a game of this level be so easily accessible to anyone who owns a gaming device.

In terms of bugs or glitches, we didn't really run into any. The only bug we can think of is when we opened up the boon menu while choosing a boon from a god, and the boon menu disappeared for a second.

Other than that, it is insane that the game is in early access and this polished. If you liked the game presentation of the first Hades, then you won't be disappointed by what Hades 2 has to offer.

User Experience (UI, Gameplay, Balancing)

If you are familiar with the first Hades or any other rogue-like, you will enjoy how the UI is in Hades 2. It is simple, but satisfying to look at and it will just keep getting better as the development of the game goes on.

The gameplay itself is very simple. You start by choosing one of five weapons that are currently in the game and you also choose Tarot cards that give you special abilities for each run.

It is a rogue-lite, so you do get stronger and stronger each run, so you won't get thrown back into a basic state if you die like a normal rogue-like.

There is a hub area where you can purchase items from a shop, talk to NPCs, and brew items in a witch's pot where you get permanent upgrades to help you farther along in the game. Everything in this hub area helps to progress your journey through the game.

Once you choose your weapon, you can choose one of two paths. that both lead to pretty crazy areas and bosses. You can head down to Tartarus or you can head up to Olympus.

Each area does have a final boss, but as of this video, the ending to the locations are incomplete. Do keep in mind that they are clear with this information and they did say if you want the complete package, then wait for the game to fully release.

Once you choose a location, you are sent on a randomly generated journey that might be good or bad to you, depending on your luck. The only negative we have are with some of the weapons.

The only weapons we really enjoy using is the Staff and the Blades. The other three weapons are not really that fun to use, but this could be changed in the future with buffs to them.

Narrative (Story, Character Development)

The story of the game is technically incomplete, but what is there is insanely polished. Though, some of the character models have a placeholder and the keepsakes also have a placeholder image, but it is pretty obvious that they have worked extremely hard to get where they are at today.

The game has you following Zagreus' sister Melinoe, who is working to destroy the god of time, Chronos. It was in all the trailers and information that the developers gave.

There is also more to the story than just that to. We mentioned before that there are 2 ways to go instead of one. In the first Hades, there was only one path, and that wasn't a bad thing.

In Hades 2, there is technically double the content, because you can swap up your game by choosing a different route. Each route has different bosses and includes different gods and boons into the route, so no run will ever feel the same.

The lower path leads you to Tartarus, which has you fighting to take back the throne of Hades and defeat the titan of time. The upper path has you pushing your way to Olympus to figure out what is making the gods soo angry.

There are also mini questlines for characters all over the world, and you will run into a lot of NPCs when you are doing your runs.

Obviously, the game isn't complete yet, but we do think that Melinoe isn't as interesting as Zagreus from the first game. But that can all change when the developers flesh out the game and have it fully completed.

So we can't really give exact details on if the story is good, but what we can tell you is that we are really enjoying what the game has currently.

Sound Design (Audio, Soundtrack)

Audio design is something very important when it comes to video games because most people invest in great headsets and speakers so they can get the full potential out of the games they play.

Though great sound design is normally placed under more competitive games, sound design is also very important in single-player experiences as well.

One thing that made the first game so popular was the soundtrack, and we are proud to say that Hades 2 doesn't disappoint with its soundtrack at all.

The music when you are running around in the hub to the boss music, it all fits soo perfectly. And each area has its own music for exploration and combat sequences. They did a really good job with it.

There is also unique music when you reach certain NPCs as well, which makes for great immersion. If you liked Hades and its soundtrack, then you will really enjoy Hades 2's soundtrack, because it is just more of what made the first game great.

How Long To Beat

The main story of the game takes about 18 hours to complete, which is very good for a game that costs $30 USD.

If you want to get everything the game has to offer, it will take around 43 hours, which will make up for the dollar-per-hour motto we swear by. Keep in mind that the game is also unfinished and will have more content added in the future.

This means that it could add even more hours onto what is included right now. They could also make things harder, which will also increase the time it takes to beat the game.

All we ask is that you follow the game for yourself, even if you choose not to buy it. It is one of those gems that only come around every once and a while.

Buy or Pass

Whether you should buy the game or pass on it might be a bit complicated for this game as of right now. Yes, the game might have more content than the first game, but it is technically incomplete.

The developers did come out and say that you should wait on the game if you want the whole package, but it is totally up to you if you want to invest in the game early or wait for the full release.

It is difficult to wait for the game to come out when it is technically playable now, but some people want to spend money on the full package. We are going to play as much as the early access gives us, and then when the game fully releases, start a new game with the newly added content.

If you liked the first game, it is definitely worth buying in early access to help out the developers with their development of the game.

Do keep in mind that as of this video, the game is currently in early access, and is unfinished. Even though it is not complete yet, it still has more content than most other games that are like it.

There is also still some balancing they have yet to do, so make sure to keep an eye out for any news on updates for the game.

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