Best Way to Get Metal in Scrap Mechanic Survival

Best Way to Get Metal in Scrap Mechanic Survival

If you are a beginner at scrap mechanic, you most likely get all your metal from scrap. Eventually, this method turns into a slow grind when you want to get into those bigger builds. Metal is a crucial material in many of the craftables in the game.

The best method to use when looking to get a lot of metal in scrap mechanic is to use your car as a drill. Drilling large stone and metal deposits around the map is the only effective way to gather great amounts of metal in the game. In this article, I will guide you on how to go about doing this task.

Crafting The Drill

The first step to do is go to your craftbot and craft your drill. If you don't know how to craft a car, follow this article:

  • 20x Metal block 2
  • 30x Metal block 1

How to craft Metal block 2

  • 1x Metal block 1
  • 1x Ember
  • 2x Water

In order to make metal block 2, you will need the things listed above.

Metal block 1 can be used by placing the scrap from the scrap bots into your craft bot.

Ember's can be found by either the Space ship or any other burnt landscape. Mine the trees in that area and you will get embers.

Water can be gotten by filling a bucket of water in a bucket and crafting water bottles it into the craft bot.

Once you have everything you need, you can craft the drill.

Other Parts

  • Scrap engine
  • Switch
  • Bearing

Listed above are the other parts you will need to complete your mining car.

Putting it All Together

Once you have all the parts, you can start to place them into your car.

  • Bearing and Drill

You can extend the range of the drill by placing a few pipes, although it isn't necessary.

Once the bearing is down, you can install the drill.

  • Small Engine and Drill

Go ahead and place the small engine for the drill down.

Place down the switch.

Connecting it All

The last thing you need to do, is connect all the pieces.

  • Small Engine

Using your connect tool, connect the small engine to the drill bearing.

  • Switch

Next, connect the drivers seat to the switch.

  • Switch to Engine

Lastly, connect the switch to the small engine.

Finding The Metal

Now that your car is all set to go, you will need to find the metal. Metal can be found in these rock formations around the map.

Press 1 to activate the drill and drive up to the rock. Little chunks will start to fall off. You can drill these into smaller pieces, or get out of your car and break them with your hammer.

Once they are broken down enough you will see two types of material. The first being stone and the second is metal. The metal once is shiny.

You can refine this metal into metal 1 blocks, and later use that metal 1 to craft metal 2 blocks.

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