Best Way to Beat Queen Slime in Master Mode

Best Way to Beat Queen Slime in Master Mode

Queen Slime is one of the brand new bosses added in Journey’s End, and she’s a pretty difficult boss if you don’t have the proper strategy. Luckily, I found a good strategy that works pretty much every time.

How to Spawn Queen Slime

For the people who haven’t fought Queen Slime before, you can spawn her as soon as you enter hardmode. She can be spawned using Gelatin Crystals, which spawn along with Crystal Shards in the Underground Hallow.

The Gelatin Crystals are pink in color and look more symmetrical than Crystal Shards. When you see one, it'll be obviously different looking than the other crystals laying around.


So for my armor, I used Titanium Armor with the Titanium Helmet, but if you have Adamantite in your world then you can use that instead.

The only weapon I used in the entire fight was the Daedalus Stormbow, which was actually nerfed in Terraria 1.4 but still works amazingly well. You can farm this bow from the Large Hallowed Mimics, and I definitely recommend getting one as soon as you can.

I reforged the Stormbow to Unreal, which is the best modifier but it took me several platinum to do, so if you don’t have a lot of coins then you can reforge it to any good modifier. Then, craft Holy Arrows to use with the bow.

The last and probably most important items you need are Gravitation Potions. We’re gonna use these potions to beat Queen Slime in her second phase because you want to avoid the ground as much as possible.

Some other good accessories I used to make the fight easier are the Molten Quiver, Ranger Emblem, and the Shield of Cthulhu.


So once you have these items, you’ll need to make your small arena in the Hallow. Start out by placing wooden platforms about 200 blocks long, then place campfires and heart lanterns around it. Don’t make it too big, because you only need the bridge for the first phase.

It should be probably around 50 blocks off the ground too, so that you can jump below and have room to dodge.

Queen Slime Strategy

Although I fought Queen Slime at night, I recommend fighting her in the daytime so you can see the projectiles better. Before I started the fight I consumed an Archery Potion and a Swiftness potion, but you can make the fight even easier by using Iron Skin Potions or other buffs.

The first phase is by far the hardest part since you’ll be on the ground. The main threats to watch out for are the purple flying slimes and the bouncing projectiles, so try to stay as far away from the boss as you can. Keep firing arrows at her and taking out the little slimes she spawns.

Even thought the Stormbow was nerfed, it’ll absolutely melt Queen Slime’s health, and you’ll quickly be in the second phase. As soon as she starts flying, drink your Grav Potion and fly away from her. Queen Slime will follow you but barely be able to hit you, so focus on hitting her with as many arrows as possible.

One thing to watch out for is running into floating islands. This happened to me and could have been really bad if I got stuck. The fight should only last a couple of minutes, so just keep firing arrows at her until she dies. Once you’ve beaten her, you can add the trophy to your collection.

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