Best Souls-like Games on Steam

Best Souls-like Games on Steam

If you are a huge fan of the Dark Souls games, there are a ton of other game companies that wanted to make games that were similar to the souls-like genre.

Most people will know what you are talking about when you mention a souls-like game, because there have been a lot of games with that tag slapped onto them. I personally am a huge fan of this genre, so here are 7 of the best Souls-like games you can play right now on Steam.

I will tell you the base price that steam sells each game for, but I would definitely recommend going to sites like G2A and Gamegator to find better deals on all of the games on this list.

1. Lords of the Fallen

The first game on the list is Lords of the Fallen. First released in 2014 and has a base price of 30 USD, this is a surprisingly good souls-like game. Basically, a convicted criminal by the name of Harkyn is given a second chance at life and is tasked with investigating an ancient fallen god who has awakened and taken over the land.

Your job is to find and hunt this god and destroy him for good. Along the way you meet massive enemies and traverse very different landscapes. You are also going to run into his minions along the way so get ready for some hard boss fights as well. Bosses are what sort of make a game a part of this genre, and they are actually very good in this game.

You can find this game for very cheap on game key sites and I think I got this game for like 2 bucks so look around to find the best prices. This game is definitely worth looking into.

2. Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order

The second game on the list is STAR WARS Jedi: Fallen Order. This is a game that was released in 2019 and has a base price of 60 USD. Yes, it is Star Wars, but that does not stop it from being souls-like. As a Star Wars fan, I absolutely loved this game, but even a non-star wars fan can enjoy it as well.

This is a game that has the souls-like formula pretty well perfected. There are a bunch of bosses to defeat, and the enemies are not at all easy. The game is about a young Padawan named Cal Cestus and his adventure to hide his identity of being a Jedi and to restore the Jedi order.

It is a great mix of Star Wars and souls-like gameplay that make this game shine like any other game like it. There is also a sequel rumored in the next year or two as well, so keep a sharp lookout. This game is relatively new so you can find this game for around 30 bucks if a sale is currently active.

3. The Surge

The Surge: The third game on the list is the Surge. This is a game that was released in 2017 and is 30 USD for the base game. It is by the same creators of Lords of the Fallen. I feel that this game is one of the most underrated games just because it had so many unique mechanics and ways to play.

The bosses are a little lacking in this game, but for this one, the mechanics take the cake with this game. Basically, the game is about a man by the name of Warren who has an exo-suit forcibly attached to his body. He then tries to understand what is happening by exploring the apocalyptic worlds around him, fending off mutant exo humans and giant robots.

This game can also be found on game sites for like 2-3 bucks and I do have to say that this game is definitely worth your time. There is a second game that is pretty much the same thing as the first one so if you want more of what the first game has, then play through the second one as well.

4. Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice

The fourth game on the list is Sekiro: Shadows die twice. This game is one of my favorite games of all time, but that is partially because it is by the same creators of the Dark Souls franchise.

It was released in 2019 and has a base price of 60 USD. The game is about a Shinobi Warrior by the name of Sekiro or Wolf, who is on a mission to protect the divine heir of the land. It sounds simple, but once you get into the story, you won’t want to miss any of it.

The game is also one of the most challenging games I have played, but that is why I love it so much. It is a game that is worth the souls-like title and it also won game of the year in 2019. You can find the game for cheaper on game sites, but sadly the price is always pretty much above 30 bucks. I do have to say it is well worth the money I paid for it though.

5. Nioh

The fifth game on the list is Nioh. This is another game that is underrated. I do have to be honest with you that I have never played this game, but I am only putting it on the list because of its great reputation in its community.

There is also a second game, but just like Surge, you can choose to play the second game if you like the first. You can buy this game for a large sum of 50 USD, and it comes with everything. There are no smaller base models of the game, only the Complete edition. The game follows a Samurai named William in his exploits during the Japanese wars in the 1600s.

It has amazing responsiveness with its community and is supposedly a very good souls-like. I don’t think you can get the game for very cheap because of the way the game is sold, although, it wouldn’t hurt to check around for cheaper prices.

6. Vampyr

The sixth game on the list is Vampyr. Now, this is a game that is underrated and Caleb will agree with me with this. You can get the game for 40 USD and I would say it is definitely worth the money. There are even different modes you can play on so if you want a harder challenge, you can turn up the difficulty.

The game centers around a man by the name of Jonathan Reid. It is a story about Vampires and the consequences of your own actions. It has a lot more story than a regular souls-like, but it is sometimes really good to switch up the gameplay once and a while to give a new light on different mechanics.

You can get the game for pretty cheap on the key sites, but you are still gonna be paying around 15 bucks for it. It is all worth the money though because it is a great game.

7. Blasphemous

The seventh and last game on the list is Blasphemous. This is the only game on this list that is a 2D platformer, but I made an exception because of its similarity with Dark Souls.

This game is actually very disturbing the way the gore mechanics work, but in my opinion, that is what makes this game special. From the combat to the finishers, this game is very satisfying to play. It is also the goriest pixel game I have ever played, and I didn’t even know you can make pixel games gory.

The game takes place in the deeply religious realm of Cvstodia where sorrow itself manifests itself. You are the Penitent One whose goal is to find the Miracle to find out exactly what your fate is. It is a really cool concept that started on Kickstarter and it is fully out now.

You can get the game for 25 USD on steam or you can buy it for cheaper on game key sites. Even though it is a 2D game, it is definitely worth putting on this list.

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