Best Queen Bee Master Mode Strategy

Best Queen Bee Master Mode Strategy

One boss that I found to be especially hard was the Queen Bee due to the close quarters fight and hard to dodge attacks.

There are a couple different ways you can do this depending on where you are in pre hardmode. Since Queen Bee is an optional boss, you can fight her literally at any point in the game. I personally opted to skip her in the beginning since I personally wasn’t a fan of the items she drops, but I’ll be showing you the easiest way to beat her with late Pre Hardmode gear.

I personally think Queen Bee is the hardest fight in Master Mode, since she’s absolutely ridiculous to fight. I spent literally 2 hours trying out different strategies and weapons, and I finally found a way to beat her. Even then, it’s not exactly easy, but I’ll show you what you need to have the best chance of winning.

Boss Arena

Probably the most important thing to do is to build a really good arena in a hive. The hive you build it in should be a pretty large size so you have plenty of room to move around. You should try to make the area as flat as possible, and block off the honey pool so you don’t get stuck in it. I also opted to extend the arena past the hive, and I think that really made it easier.

Next add two layers of wooden platforms a good distance apart so that you can change layers when Queen Bee charges at you. It’s best to use some good jump accessories to get onto the platform, which helps you dodge attacks.

Recommended Gear

For gear you should have full Molten Armor, as well as a Hellwing Bow. The ammo for the bow should be Jester’s Arrows, and you should also have as many buffs as possible. The buffs you need in particular are Archery Potions and Inferno Potions.

Boss Strategy

I’ve you’ve already broken the Larva then you can craft an Abeemination and spawn her in this hive anyway. I like fighting in hives because it’s a nice, open area, but you can honestly make your arena wherever you want in the jungle.

So when you start the fight, she immediately goes for the charge attack. Keep dodging them with your grappling hook and jump accessories, and shoot her with the arrows as much as you can.

When she stops charging, you can focus more on dodging her projectiles as well as firing at her with the bow. The next attack she can do is send bees after you, which can either be dealt with using a melee weapon or by simply letting the Inferno Potion do the work

It’s not a hard fight once you get the hang of it. Just keep shooting and dodging, and make sure you have enough Health Potions and buffs to keep you alive.

Soon enough, Queen Bee will die and you’ll have her Master Mode relic to add to your collection.

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