Best multiplayer games on game pass

Best Multiplayer Games on Game Pass

When Game Pass was first offered to the public, I never really considered it. It’s generally pretty tough to get PC players off their beloved Steam platform, myself included. Over the years, however, Game Pass has grown to have such ridiculous value that it’s a no-brainer to have Game Pass, especially if you are one to consistently tries new games. Not to mention that at least once a year they offer a crazy deal like getting 3 months of Game Pass for $1 dollar or something similar to that, which just makes it that much easier to cave and buy the subscription.

Game Pass is undoubtedly great for getting to play single-player games without having to purchase them all, but another thing it’s great for is multiplayer games, and being able to try and experience numerous multiplayer games with your friends.

And with all that being said, here are our picks for the Best Multiplayer Games that you can play right now on Game Pass.

Totally Accurate Battle Simulator

Total Accurate Battle Simulator is a goofy battle simulator game where you have the ability to play against Ai or in online PVP. I actually love this game so much and generally games that have the wobble physics as their main mechanic.

If you have ever played the free battle royal spin-off game, is basically that but you get to create your battle scenarios to see how they turn out. Not only is the game a lot of fun but the general atmosphere of the game is fun. Lots of the maps vary drastically and give you a lot of different locations and battle simulations.

It’s also not really always small scale, you can actually get your army to be pretty massive and continuously grow. Although the game features multiplayer, this is still a super fun game to play single-player, so you aren’t really bound to play online if you don’t want to. Overall it’s a super solid game and a game you’ll want to keep installed just in case you ever get in the mood for a fun battle sim.

Golf with Your Friends

Golf with your friends is such a wholesome game that I love to come back to every now and then to play with friends. I know it seems weird to think that a golf game could be fun but you don’t even need to be a golf person to play the game, it’s just simple and wholesome.

The golf courses range from super basic to pretty extreme and ridiculous will all kinds of verticality and unpredictable outside influences, so it’s definitely not a competitive game, more of a mini-game type golf game.

The courses themselves are also super fun and they vary a lot. There are a ton of maps and different ways of playing the game. You can change the golf ball size, weight, whether you can add jumping, and basically any other factor you can think of. So the possibilities are endless.

It’s a really solid and fun game to play with friends and again, it’s not competitive so it’s really just an all-around good time.

No Man’s Sky

I was one of the many gamers that were extremely disappointed with No Man’s Sky when it was first released. It was such a disappointment and the lies about the game before its release were ones that I believed in, but over the past couple of years, the game has evolved into such an incredible experience and it not only lives up to those original promises but it’s so much more now.

Although the game has instilled a bit of a bad taste in a lot of people’s mouths because of the launch that the game had, the game really does deserve another chance. You not only get what the game was originally supposed to launch with but it just has so much to it. You build bases on various planets, you can build a massive trade system and become insanely rich, I mean, even solar systems have their own inflationary systems there you can lower the price of a resource based on the supply and demand of that resource.

It’s honestly such an insane game and not only is it super in-depth, but you get to play with friends and you can meet up with random people around the universe. At this point, I could be here for hours talking about all the features but needless to say, No Man’s Sky is an incredible value and it’s definitely worth giving a try.


Astroneer is a very special game to me and it’ll always be a game that I will always view in high regard. A lot of why I love this game so much is because this game marks the start of the channel for me. If you’ve been around since the start, you’ll remember that our channel originally started making tutorials.

All three of us made tutorials on specific games and mine was Astroneer, and even before making those tutorials, this game was a completely unique experience that I had with my friends. So, if you don’t know what Astroneer is, the game places you, and your friends on a planet and your goal is to explore your current planet, develop your tech and capabilities with the resources around you, and eventually explore the other planets in your solar system.

It’s a very relaxing game and although you can get pretty complicated in the late game and you have the option to explore some in-deoth automation tech, you could also just play the game for the epxloration and you don’t have to think super hard. It’s a super chill game with excellent music and it’s a must-have to install if you have Game Pass.

Power Wash Simulator is probably one of the most relaxing games you can possibly play right now. The game originally launched and I thought it was a bit of a novelty thing and wasn’t all too interested in it but the game made some serious waves and it got a lot of attention in the community. I tried it out and I got hooked.

I don’t really have all too much to say about the game in general considering the point of the game is to take on various jobs, get paid, and then use that in-game money to buy better equipment.

Now, this game originally was just single-player but they added multiplayer support some time ago and I think it just makes the game better. You can goof around with friends and have fun that way or honestly, you could just hop in a Discord chat, throw some music on, and just have a relaxing gaming session with your friends, either works great in this game, and considering it’s included with Game Pass, I really think this one is worth having installed on your computer.

Gunfire Reborn

You know, Gunfire Reborn is a bit of an overlooked Roguelite that I think really deserves some more attention. Sure everyone knows about Hades and Risk of Rain 2, but I think with some friends, Gunfire Reborn is right up there with those in its own way.

The game is a first- single-player or up to 4-player coop game where you can play as various different characters, all with their own unique abilities and you fight through levels and areas, beating all kinds of bosses to eventually try and beat the game.

All of the levels are procedurally generated, which works well for replayability, and I gotta say that the gameplay in this one is actually extremely solid and it gets pretty challenging honestly. The bosses especially can be pretty rage-inducing at times, which I feel we all kind of secretly like when it comes to Roguelite games. We want a challenge and Gunfire Reborn gives that to you.

If you like these sorts of games and can convince some friends to install it with you, I think Gunfire Reborn can be one of those games that you play for hours with your friends.


If you like games like Space Engineers, Satisfactory, or any other physics-based sandbox games, Trailmakers is going to be another game you’ll want to add to your list. This game especially is one that is really fun with friends, so I highly recommend jumping into the multiplayer aspects of this one.

So Trailmakers is a sandbox-building game where you and your friends can create cars, rockets, mechs, and flying drone slash submarine hybrids, I mean, you think it and you can probably create it in Trailmakers. The game looks kinda like Roblox but the physics and capabilities are actually very impressive.

Not only do you have a crazy amount to create and play around with in the sandbox mode, but there are also single-player and multiplayer modes that you can play either alone or with friends. Oh, and there is a campaign too where you need to use your brain to build your method of exit out of an alien planet, pretty cool stuff.

Overall it’s such an incredible game and I have such good memories with this game, I highly recommend trying it out.

Sea of Thieves

Sea of Thieves has been and always will be a classic in my book. The game is so wholesome and fun and if you like games that are built for messing around then this game is for you. Now, it had a rough launch and I gotta admit that that affected my view on the game but, to be honest, I still poured in a good amount of hours in the game, even at the state it was at on launch. I even bought the game on Steam again later on.

The amount of quests and storylines that the game features now is insane and it’s a great value. It reminds me of No Man’s Sky and how that game kind of redeemed itself over the years, the same with Sea of Thieves. The game was lacking substance when it launched but now you have hours and hours of content.

Not to mention the water is still the best-looking water I have ever seen and you get to fight the Kraken and other sea creatures. It’s a really fun experience if you haven’t tried it out yet, and if you haven’t played it since launch, I suggest you try it out with some friends again because it’ll surprise you how far the game has really come.


I think this is great timing to feature Valheim in this list considering at the time of this recording the new update has just been released and you now have an even bigger world and more things to do. Valheim was and is such an incredible and unique experience. I remember when the game was first released I think I ended up streaming the game for like 6 hours or something crazy like that.

It not only has some of the most relaxing vibes and music but it’s got a great crafting and building system and you have some actual progression in the game. You have bosses to beat, dangerous areas to explore, secret caves and crypts to find, and an overall really well-developed survival game.

I am so impressed by the game, it almost feels rare for a game like this to be released nowadays, it’s super wholesome and unlike any other game, I’ve played. Also, another big benefit is that the game isn’t hard to run at all and takes up hardly any memory, so it’s accessible to a lot of people.

If you haven’t tried Valheim yet or maybe you have and it’s been a while since you’ve jumped back in, I say it’s worth giving a try and experiencing what the game has to offer.

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