Best Monuments for Beginners in Rust

Best Monuments for Beginners in Rust


Gas Station

The first Monument you should start at is the Gas Station. This is a really great Monument because it has a little of everything. You can find food and water here, and there is a recycler in the back so you can get Scrap.

There is always a Green Keycard in one of the back rooms and a ton of chests and barrels outside. It is the perfect starting Monument if you want to learn how they work.


The second Monument you should start at is the Warehouse. This is actually one of my favorite Monuments to go for Scrap runs because there is always a ton of stuff here.

It is a small open warehouse with a ton of boxes, a repair bench, and a recycler, but there is always something you get from looting it. If you are starting out, then make sure to check it out.


The third Monument you should start at is the Supermarket. This Monument is very much like the Gas Station. It has a couple back rooms, but you can’t get on the roof like you can with the Gas Station.

If you have any of these near you, make sure to loot them because there is nothing there to hurt you except if there are people around the area looting it to.

The Cave

The fourth Monument you should start at is the Cave. This one is one of the most interesting ones because it does not show it on the map. You just find these around the areas and you can explore it to your heart’s content.

They are full of all types of ores and a few boxes too. Be careful though because people make their houses in them and block off the exit so be cautious.


The fifth Monument you should start at is the Lighthouse. This is the Monument you will probably see first when you join a server because you might actually spawn right next to one.

They are off-shore but very close to swimming distance. They have decent loot and it is necessary to loot if you just start out. It is not good for that much else except looking around the area.


The sixth Monument you should start at is the Junkyard. This Monument is the biggest beginner Monument in the game because there is so much to it. There are mazes of trash and loot everywhere.

It also holds a recycler and a Green Keycard so keep a lookout for those when exploring it. It is very easy to get around and there are a lot of places to hide just in case you see someone else.

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