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Best Free Steam Games For Low-End PC

Finding good free games on Steam can be tough. You Know not everyone has $60, or I guess now studios are charging $70 per game. It's even harder to find a free game that's not only decent and fun but one that you can actually run if you have a potato computer.

Now, I'll be honest, I don't struggle with this, BUT, I do know your pain. I have been there and I know the struggle. So, I've done the research and found some great games that are fun to play but should be able to run on any computer.

These games are very easy to run for today's standards so if you still have trouble running them please don't hate me, I tried to give you the best balance of having a fun free game while still being easy to run for the majority of people out there.

So, here goes, here are the best free Steam games that you can run on basically any computer.

Tag: The Power of Paint

Starting this list off we have Tag: The Power of Paint, which is a single-player platformer game that combines jumping, wall-running, and painting. I think this game is one that you'll probably hop on every now and then if you want something to kill time so I wouldn't expect you to get hours and hours out of it.

It's got a cool concept behind it though, so depending on the color of paint you use, it will unlock a certain ability. So for instance, red paint will give you a speed boost while green will allow you to jump. It's kinda a cool way of transforming the generic platforming tropes that you expect from this type of game.

Not a whole lot of substance with this one but it's fun and it's definitely something you should check out.

Download Tag: The Power of Paint

Gun Devil

Gun Devil is kinda weird..but extremely fun and has some pretty high-octane gameplay. So the premise is that you are traversing hell in order to save your kidnapped..hell..wife? From Satan's child, I guess. It's weird but given the game's overall theme it actually works and the game comes off as being funny and light-hearted, so you really aren't supposed to take it all too seriously.

The game is actually fairly new but the graphics and gameplay somewhat resemble something like the classic Castlevania games. The gameplay in particular though is very fast-paced, like this classic shoot-em-up but with dashing and super quick movements.

It's just an overall good 2D platformer shooter game that has a funny story, good character, a surprisingly good and unique original soundtrack, and of course, can run on basically any PC.

Download Gun Devil

Neon Beats

Neon Beats is a game we've actually covered before, I think it was in our rhythm games video, but it's coming back and being featured in another video, and for good reason! Of course, because it's easy to run but also it's just a solid timing-based platformer game.

Okay, I just gotta throw this out there first. The soundtrack for this game is just god-tier level, it's so good. I mean you would hope so, right? The gameplay is like Geometry Dash but just a bit more advanced, like it isn't just tapping the screen to go up and down. You have other elements of platforming in there and it works well.

The only real downside to this one is that you only get a limited amount of levels for the free game and then you can buy expansion packs for more levels. Although those are only like two dollars. Anyway, solid game and worth looking into.

Download Neon Beats

Ducks Can Drive

Duck Can Drive is a single-player or multiplayer driving game where you race as a duck. Yeah, that's basically it. Not really, I mean there are other features involved, but that's the basic premise of the game.

This one is actually another fairly new release and has a decent audience already. The driving it super arcady but surprisingly not too bad, like I am not a fan of racing games because I suck so bad at them but this one had me enjoying the gameplay a lot.

There is a lot of customizing that can go on with your duck or bird and your car. I also mentioned before that it's only a racing game but not really, you also deliver food to other ducks around the city and try and earn more and more money to upgrade your vehicle and hopefully win the race, which I actually liked a lot, it gives you more to do and focus on during the race than just drive.

But yeah, it's a fun game to play with your friends and super easy to run too.

Download Ducks Can Drive

Cave Crawler

Cave Crawler is a 2D platformer game with shooting elements and a whole bunch of caves to explore. Currently, there are a total of 5 levels to play and a boss fight, so not a whole lot of content but I think enough to keep you entertained for a decent amount of time.

I think this may also be on so you know this one is pretty easy to run. The game reminds me a lot of Downwell which I believe is a paid game but the whole color profile and style look really similar.

Not really too much to say about this one, it's a fun and short little 2D action platformer and something you'll want in your Steam library.

Download Cave Crawler

Slay the Dragon!

Okay, stepping up the PC requirements just a tad we have Slay the Dragon! Now, this one is still pretty easy to run for a lot of computers out there, and definitely one you'll want to try.

The game is a fantasy hack-and-slash game that follows a little girl and her adventures to save her younger brother from a dragon. The story, the graphics, and the whole vibe of the game are just so enjoyable. I love it and it's got the feel of a paid game.

You fight tons of different creatures and enemies in the game. The game has some limitations, obviously, it isn't super long and there are other limitations like weapon choice and fighting animations but honestly, I overlooked those considering how much I was enjoying the game.

The game is fairly easy to run, it's short but really unique and I highly recommend checking it out on Steam.

Download Slay the Dragon!


Just going to throw this disclaimer out there, I'm not really a fan of Brawlhalla, but I can't ignore the fact that it's not only easy to run but it's got a huge player base, consistent updates, and just a really good value considering the game is, well, free.

Most watching probably know what Brawlhalla is but for those who don't it's a 2D fighter game that can either be really competetive or casual, but most likely will become really competetive. One thing I will say about Brawlhalla is their dedication to the community. They are always adding in new characters and they are proud to say that there are no pay-to-win aspects to the game.

So if you want to get good at the game, you just grind and practice, which is how it should be honestly. Not too much else to say, the game is top tier in terms of free games, it's easy to run, and you can easily get thousands of hours out of it. So if you haven't hopped on the Brawlhalla train yet, now may be the time to.

Download Brawlhalla


I think we may have featured Jaded in one of our previous videos a few years ago and I'm happy to feature it again. It's honestly a classic at this point.

So, the game is a 2D platformer game with elements of action and fighting. There is a cool mechanic in the game where you can actually slow down time and do a full 360 dash toward a specific direction. This mechanic in particular really sets this game apart from other 2D platformer games.

The graphical style is really solid and you can tell the developers took a lot of time creating the scenery and enemies. Even the elemental graphics are super colorful and contrast with everything else in the world. I don't know, it's easy to tell a good-looking game when it's a 3D game but I think it's also obvious to tell a good-looking pixelated game when you see one too and Jaded is no exception.

The gameplay is also super fun, fluid, and never really gets old. The combat is good too, honestly, I don't have anything negative to say about this game. It's amazing, easy to run, and definitely something you'll want to play.

Download Jaded

Realm of the Mad God

Realm of the Mad God is huge, I mean massive. If you're looking for a game to dump hundreds or thousands of hours into, this is it, and of course, it's easy to run.

It's a pixelated MMO with a huge community that is still dedicated to the game even today. The community has some complaints about the game and what it's become now but when I got on I still found tons of passionate players enjoying the game with their friends.

I really can't cover it all but I mean there is just so much to the game, you've got 18 classes to choose from, tons of different realms and areas to explore, bosses to fight, upgrading, and items to find, and loot, it's just crazy. Also, you can pair up with other players and tackle the game together.

Super solid game and the value is undeniable. One you'll want to check out.

Download Realm of the Mad God Exalt

Outpath: First Journey

If you're looking for an addicting game that still gets regular updates and is also super relaxing, Outpath is what you're looking for.

Now, I will say that this game is a prologue chapter to the full game, so just keep that in mind. Generally, we don't like to feature prologues unless they're really good, and this one is, really, good. It's addicting good.

The game is a resource management slash-building game where you can build your base, explore islands, and craft various items and tools. Your goal is just to expand and reach other areas.

It kind of gives me Minecraft vibes but if you were to just take the relaxing parts of Minecraft and put them in a game. I love it, it's such a good game and the soundtrack is so calming too. It's weird, I think what adds to the addictive nature is the super satisfying sound effects when you pick up stuff or complete something.

Anyway, I'm gonna spend tons of time gushing over this game, basically, what I'm saying is install it, it's easy to run, very addicting, and well worth your time.

Download Outpath: First Journey

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