Best Free Platformer Games on Steam

Best Free Platformer Games on Steam

Platformers are some of my favorite types of games to play. Games from little nightmares and Inside, to geometry dash and even going way back to one of the best platforming games ever made, Little Big Planet 2.

Well, not all platforming games need to cost money. Actually, some of my favorite platforming games are actually free.


This list is lengthy and not in any particular order, because in all honesty, I’ve had a lot of fun with all of these games, and Mobler is not only fun but also addicting.

So, the goal of the game is pretty simple. Basically, you play as Birdo, this little bird ducky thing and you climb the endless falling furniture to get as many points as possible.

While you climb the falling furniture, you also need to do it fast enough so that you don’t get eaten by the monster.

The game has a lot of charm and like I said before, really simple, but extremely fun.


The colors, atmosphere, and soundtrack that Himno offers, honestly, blew me away. The game is extremely relaxing.

Himno is a 2D platforming game that throws you into procedurally generated maps that you can traverse with sliding, wall jumping, and moving platforms.

Himno is a great platformer that I think everyone should at least give a try, and something I’m excited for is that there is also a rogue-lite stand-alone extension that’ll be coming out soon for the game, which should definitely be something you should keep an eye out for.

Vectromirror 0

If you like fast-paced, techno themed platformers, then I think Vectromirror is a game you should look into.

The game definitely looks really interesting but what really is kinda the main feature of the game, is the ability you have when it comes to specific blocks in the game.

You can manipulate the blocks by either pulling or pushing them to help you move around the level and get past certain things.

It’s kind of a short but it’s a really cool game that’s worth looking into.


Something I was not expected was how good of a game Ties was.

Ties sets you in an alien world, playing as a little boy named Mink, joined with the little alien-like creature on your head called Gum.

It’s an open-world type platformer which I was like I said, blown away by. The world is actually way bigger than I was thinking it would be, and aside from a few bugs here and there, is a really enjoyable and unique experience.

The game has a lot of personality to it and the mechanics are pretty solid. Honestly, If I didn’t already know it was free, I would guess it would have costed some money

I was really impressed with ties and I recommend checking it out.


Although it’s a short one, Nohra is definitely a platformer I think you should check out.

From what I can gather, you play as some sort of creature trying to escape an abandoned laboratory.

The real reason I have this game on the list is the absolutely solid gameplay. There is a feature where you phase around, and it works so well.

Not only that but you can also shift time to slow it down.

Again, a really short one, but really worth playing through.

Guiding Light

Okay, so I may be reaching a little on this one, but Guiding Light is such a charming and unique little game, that I couldn’t pass up on putting it on the list.

So, the game is a co-op only game where one player plays in first-person as an alien on the ground, and the other plays as the UFO.

You both work together to rescue the alien on each map. There aren’t a lot of maps, but the puzzles were crazy fun and it was honestly really hard to get off the game.

The game can be a little buggy and it definitely doesn’t look impressive, but the game is extremely charming, and if you have a friend to play with, you gotta try it for yourself.


Another addicting platformer game is FrostRunner. It’s got a unique look and a really cool tethering feature.

There are 36 levels and again, I think the footage really speaks for itself. The tethering and movement are fast-paced and felt great.

FrostRunner is another great option you should look into.

Sockventure: Prologue

I usually try not to add prologues or demos in the lists I make but Sockventure was just too good to not add to the list.

You play as a little sock superhero character, making your way through the evil washing machine.

The prologue has over 50 levels and the game just feels premium. The theme is just really fun and the colors and graphics are spot on.

Like I said before, I usually never even bother adding prologues, but this one has so many levels and is so refined and fun to play, that I gotta recommend it.

Dark Roll

I know it may not look like it but the dark roll is probably one of, if not, the most unique platform games on this list.

You play as a little ball, which you can actually get skins for, and you move around the level trying to balance yourself the whole time.

It takes some patience and precision, but once you get the hang of it, the game is great. You got 20 different maps and an endless mode too.

It’s got this weird darkish tone and you even run into some moving threats too that’ll kill you.

Dark Roll can be challenging but it’s a really solid platforming game.

Micro Platformer

Another game that really surprised me, maybe even more than the rest, was Micro platformer. It looks super basic and honestly even boring, but don’t let the simple graphics turn you away from this game.

The game is amazing, so you basically avoid the harmful objects and surfaces and try and make it to the end of the level.

It’s the most minimal platformer that I’ve ever played, and I think the pure platforming focus here is really what gives the game its addicting gameplay.

I really can’t stress this enough but, you really just need to try this game out, also, it’s not just me that thinks this. On steam, micro platformer holds an overwhelmingly positive review status and it actually came out pretty recently too.


BirdGut is a completely hand-drawn 2D platforming game, that sets you as basically a rejected bee that gets eaten by a bird.

You then traverse through the bird’s intestines, which are the levels, and discover that the bird’s insides are actually facilities where the eaten insects are brainwashed and enslaved.

Besides having a super weird premise, the game is extremely charming and really fun to play.

It’s got at least a couple of hours of gameplay and most likely more than that. Another cool thing about the game is that it was actually developed by one person.

BirdGut is yet another good option that you can add to your library.

Neon Boost

Similar to Vectromirror, Neon boost is another fast first-person platforming game. It does differ in that the game mechanics mainly focuses on the rocket launcher that you have with you.

There are 72 different levels, wall running, awesome techno music, and the ability to use your rocket launcher arm to either break walls down or propel yourself further in the level.

Honestly, I think the game speaks for itself, it’s a great platformer and a really solid choice in this list.


So, for my last game on this list, I have Astria. I really wanted to highlight this game because of the crazy amount of content that you get for free here.

The game is single-player and has a full story with dialog character voice acting with some actual personality. I mean, granted, it isn’t anything crazy, but I was still impressed.

The puzzle and platforming elements reminded me a lot of portal. The whole level scene is kinda bland, but the gameplay mechanics make up for it.

The game offers anywhere from 4 to even 12 hours of gameplay and if you want a bit of a longer puzzle platforming experience, then Astria is yet another great addition to your library.

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