Best Free Pixel Games on Steam

Best Free Pixel Games on Steam

With new games constantly releasing, it feels like all we see are huge triple-A first or third-person games, that are always trying to push the graphical limits.

Sometimes it’s a nice breath of fresh air to try some more uniquely styled pixelated games, especially ones that are completely free.

So, here are the best free pixelated games that you can get right now, on steam.

9. Himno

Starting this list out strong, I wanted to begin with a game that I’ve actually covered in a previous video, but it’s so good that I think it deserves to be featured on another video.

Himno is a 2D relaxing platforming game, where your goal is to use movement to help you maneuver through the levels. Each of the levels is procedurally generated which means there are an unlimited amount of levels to play.

The goal of the game is really to give you a relaxing experience where you don’t have to worry about dying or time pressure. Also, if you’re a fan of solid movement mechanics, then you’ll love this game because the movement in the game is incredibly smooth.

You have to utilize the movement too, with options like sliding, dashing and jumping.

Not only is the movement amazing but thanks to the amazing graphics of the game, the atmosphere of the game is really unlike anything I’ve played before.

Also, I gotta mention that the music in the game is just perfect and adds to the atmosphere and overall calm feeling that the game gives you. So, basically what I’m saying is there really aren’t any cons to the game, but maybe that’s because I’m a sucker for unique pixelated games.

I really recommend checking out Himno.

8. Pixel Sand

A lot of people will remember those classic pixel physics games like Powder Game and the Falling Sand game, and I used to have a lot of fun playing those. Pixel Sand is a game obviously inspired by those games that also feature a single-player campaign.

Players will take control of a character who wields various powers unique to each level, and they need to use those powers to solve puzzles. Admittedly I haven’t paid any attention to the story parts of the campaign, but the gameplay is surprisingly fun.

When I used to play those older physics games, I had always wanted the ability to become a controllable character who could use those abilities, and that’s exactly what Pixel Sand is like.

One of my favorite games to play right now is the game Noita, and Pixel Sand is somewhat like a much lower budget, free-to-play version of it.

Besides the campaign, the game also features its own sandbox mode with an insane amount of abilities to use. The amount of physics materials to play with is almost overwhelming at times, but the game is your canvas to experiment and do whatever you want.

Even if you don’t get into the story missions, the sandbox mode alone is worth the download. Overall, it’s a very laid back game that lets you play however you want to.

If you have any interest in physics games like these, I think you’re really going to enjoy Pixel Sand.

7. - Deep the Game

Have you ever played a platforming game that doesn’t really do anything different and kind of bores you to death?

There are a lot of mediocre platforming games but I think we found one that is much different from other games that are like it. Actually, 2 of the 3 games that I personally found for this list are platformers.

Well, Deep the Game has a very boring name, but the gameplay makes up for it. You are a cave explorer and you fall down into a cave system and uncover some mysterious stuff.

You discover that there is an abandoned civilization under the ground and decide to go deeper and find out more about it. You need to platform your way through all the cave systems and ultimately uncover who lived there previously and why they were there in the first place.

The gameplay is actually very smooth and I am surprised that more people haven’t heard of this game. If you enjoy platformers, then you might want to check this one out.

6. Micro Platformer

I know from the footage you’re seeing right now, you’re probably confused why this game is on this list, but trust me. This game really deserves a download or at least some of your time to let me explain why it’s a good game.

So, Micro Platformer is, well, a platformer, but it’s not just any platformer. No, it doesn’t give you crazy guns to use or rocket thrusters, it doesn’t even give you any sort of revolutionary gameplay.

Now, I know what you’re thinking. Caleb, this game sounds like it sucks, but wait. All of these thing I’ve listed are actually good things.

What I mean is that, the reason this game is so addicting, and currently has a overwhelmingly positive review status on steam, is not because of the meme, but because people actually enjoy the refreshing gameplay.

The game is the purest platformer you’ll probably ever play, and that’s what makes it so good. No over the top elements, but just the core gameplay that every platform lover wants.

The game can get pretty difficult at times but it’s pretty addicting so I’m sure you’ll play it until you beat it.

If you love platformers or you haven’t ever experienced a game that’s just pure platforming elements, I think Micro Platformer is something you should look into.

5. Backbone - Prologue

Backbone is the introduction to a new take on the gritty detective genre with some incredible pixel art. The story isn’t anything groundbreaking, but it’s interesting enough that I won’t go too deep into it.

You take control of a raccoon detective in a crime-ridden city, and your job is to solve cases for paying customers. While I didn’t find the story to be the main aspect of the game, I found it interesting enough to be invested in the world.

The pixel art is beautifully done, much better than pixel art in most paid games. It helps make a world like this come to life in a way that makes you want to explore every part of it. Every character you talk to and the item you interact with has something interesting to contribute to the world.

The gameplay consists of walking around talking to the other citizens and solving puzzles to progress. It’s not an extremely hard game, but it does make you feel accomplished when you solve an issue to gain access to another area.

I did have some issues with the stealth mechanic, but besides that, the game felt very polished and smooth. It’s the prologue to the upcoming game which will be paid, but it still has over an hour of content to enjoy.

If you’re someone who likes games like this, or you simply enjoy beautiful pixel art, this is one game you should definitely check out.

4. - Super Circuit Breakers

Top-down games have been out for years and if you like them, you most likely have played a lot of them. Super Circuit Breakers is another one of those top-down shooter games that you have come to like.

There isn’t the main story or even side quests, but there is gameplay. If the gameplay is fun, then a game doesn’t necessarily need the campaign to make it good. Sometimes a campaign could ruin a game for some people.

Basically, this game is a top-down shooter where you can play with up to 6 friends. It is very arcady to, almost a rogue-like in a way, but there are different missions and modes to play.

There are also a ton of different characters and weapons to choose from. If you have a bunch of friends and you all want to play a game together, then go check this game out, you might really enjoy it.

3. Realm of the Mad God Exalt

Realm of the Mad God Exalt is a game that impressed me so much when I first got it. I actually had a difficult time getting off the game once I got into the swing of things.

By no means have I played this game to anywhere to close to the extent that others have or to the point where I could say I know a lot about the game, but from what I have played, you are essentially robbing the developers by getting this game for free.

The game is a multiplayer open world MMO that places you and a whole bunch of other players in a world where you can fight bosses and enemies, explore dungeons, and level up your character.

I can’t even start to list the amount of enemies and things you can do in this video because it would take too long, but there are a lot.

You also have a lot of options in terms of what kind of play style you like, because the game has a variety of different classes you can choose from for your character.

The game is also permadeath so I think that makes it more interesting, and the longer your character lives, and the more bosses you beat, the more you’ll establish your name within the community.

This game is insanely fun and I can easily see hundreds of hours of content here, I would really recommend trying the game out for yourself.

2. Star Fetchers

Star Fetchers is a game that takes inspiration from Hotline Miami and delivers an incredibly creative and unique story paired with some decent gameplay.

Normally I’d skip the story in games like this, and I’ll admit that I even skipped the story parts in Hotline Miami, but Star Fetchers managed to create a story so different and interesting that I enjoyed sitting through it.

The story follows a convenience store worker tired of his mundane life, who then is recruited into a gang by a katana-wielding criminal. Together they infiltrate the city’s Grey Zone, and place of lawlessness ruled by rival gangs. Your mission is to defeat hordes of gang members using a katana and slow-motion abilities to get to the leader of each gang.

Although the story dwells on some darker topics, it doesn’t take itself too seriously. It pokes fun at tropes in games like Hotline Miami, and it’s pretty self-aware when it comes to its own ridiculous concepts.

The humor is actually very well written, and I found myself laughing at loud more than once. Video games rarely do humor well, but Star Fetchers appealed to my darker sense of humor.

Much like Hotline Miami, the soundtrack in this game is great. The only complaint I have is that the combat can be a little wonky at times, but it still manages to be fun.

The game received overwhelmingly positive reviews, and after playing it I definitely understand why. I really enjoyed playing this game, and the fact that it’s free makes it even better.

1. - Super Bernie World

Ok, hear me out. Yes, the game is actually called Super Bernie World. Before you think that this is the dumbest game in existence, we are here to tell you that this game is surprisingly fun.

It is basically a Mario Reskin. Not the newer Mario games, but something along the lines of the original Mario games. There is no doubt that this is a clone of Mario because some of the original levels were taken straight from the Mario games and reskinned to look different.

Honestly, when we downloaded this game, we thought it would be super dumb and lame, but it is a very enjoyable experience that people who like Mario games will enjoy this one.

If you don’t like these games then just play it for the meme so your friends can ask you some weird questions on why you are playing a Bernie Sanders game. Go check this game out.

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