Best Free Party Games on Steam

Best Free Party Games on Steam

Playing party games with a couple of friends is some of the most fun you can have in gaming. The problem is, a lot of people have friends that can’t or won’t buy the paid party games, and some people will get left out of the fun.

On Steam, there are a surprising number of free party games to play, ranging from mediocre to outright amazing games. We’ve tried a lot of different games to find the best ones, and we tried to find a couple of games that most people haven’t heard of before.

With that being said, here are our Best Free Party Games on Steam.

Sword Game

Sword Game is an incredibly simplistic version of Stick Fight, whereas the name implies, your only weapons are swords.

When I started playing, I had no idea what to expect, but I found it to be very low budget, but surprisingly still enjoyable. The most obvious mechanic I saw was the sword growth mechanic.

Every time you defeat an enemy player without dying, your sword grows larger. Eventually, my sword grew so large that I wasn’t even able to hit players anymore. I can see how this would make for some very funny moments with friends, with one of them wielding a massive sword and wrecking you from across the map.

Since this is a party game, the AI isn’t that great, and I wouldn’t recommend playing it alone. There’s a large variety of maps to play on with some being much better than others. The maps with hazards on them did seem to be very annoying, but there was no penalty for dying on them.

Overall, for a free game, it’s a pretty decent choice for playing with friends. You won’t get hundreds of hours out of it, but if you can get a few hours of fun from it then it’s definitely worth playing.

Drunken Wrestlers 2

If you have been in the free section on Steam, you might have seen Drunken Wrestlers show up for you at least once.

If you don’t know what this game is already from the name, it is a physics-based fighting game where you have to punch and beat up your opponent until they are knocked out.

There is character customization so you can make your wrestler look exactly how you want them to look and there is also custom mod support. All you have to do is go into the Steam workshop and you can download hundreds of maps to fight your friends on.

The physics are pretty satisfying and it is one of those games that are just straight-up weird, but you enjoy it either way. The game feels a little wonky, but that is expected since it is a free game, but as a party game, it is a very fun one to play with friends.

The best part is that the game is extremely easy to run so even if you have a potato pc, you can still beat your friends up without worrying about frame drops of crashes.

Life on Pizza

Life on Pizza is a party game that places you and your friends as various toppings on a pizza. So in this scenario, you aren’t the eater of this delicious pizza but rather, you are the eaten.

Your goal, as I am sure you can gather, is to avoid being eaten for as long as possible.

You not only have the giant mouth going around and eating away towards you but you also have these little ants that will purposely try and push you towards the edge so you can get eaten. So you need to pay attention to that too.

The game allows for up to 4 players or you can also play it solo but in all honesty, I think this game really needs the multiplayer aspect in order to be really fun.

What I like about the game is the separate modes that it has. You can either play this PVP or PVE with your friends, so whatever you prefer, the options are there.

Let’s see, there are also powerups and different game modes that really change up the gameplay. You can also change the color of the pizza which, some look pretty gross, but it’s there.

I wanna say that my one issue with the game is that if you aren’t playing locally, which would be the best way to play this game, you’ll need to play it through Steam remote play. Remote play is a little iffy so it all depends on your wifi.

I actually like the art style of the game and personally, the competitive survival game mode is my favorite game mode.

It isn’t anything crazy but honestly, if you get a few friends to play with, the game is actually a really fun game to mess around and have fun in.

RISK: Global Domination

Nearly everyone has heard of the board game RISK before, and this is simply a digital rendition of that classic game. In case you haven’t heard of it, it’s basically a strategy game focused on taking over countries on a map, and you fight each other by rolling a dice.

RISK: Global Domination is practically a carbon copy of the board game, but with fancy animation and some extra mechanics are thrown in. I personally am not a fan of some of these machines such as cards, but you can turn all of those off in the settings.

What’s great about this game is that you can play with people on other platforms, including mobile.

One thing I should mention is that the game isn’t 100% free. They give you 150 tokens at the start of the game, and it takes 5 tokens to start a match. If you play it enough, eventually you’ll need to buy more tokens. I’ve never had to buy them before, so it most likely won’t impact you very much.

Overall, it’s a great adaptation of the board game, and it’s a great game to play with friends.

Super Totally Ultimate Dad Showdown

Have you ever wanted to be a dad? Well super totally ultimate dad showdown is the game for you.

It is a 4 player party game where you need to compete against each other in weird dad-related minigames.

There are not many minigames in the game but the three that are in it are the baby stroller race, the dad depot, and penny pincher. Each one has different maps to it and it is actually a pretty decent party game to play with friends.

As of this article, there is only local co-op play and remote play together, but they are planning on adding full multiplayer capabilities in the near future.

If you enjoy party games, then give this one a shot.

Bro Falls

If you have ever played Fall Guys or have ever seen footage of it, Bro falls is essentially that but completely free.

I’ve actually made a video on Bro falls and I go a little more into detail about the game but if I were to sum it up, it is Fall Guys with fewer levels and just a different premise.

You play as a bunch of different foods and you go through various levels in order to win first place. The levels are basically the type you’d see in fall guys.

Now, you can’t play this with friends locally but you can join up with friends online and play together.

I do wanna say that there have been some changes since the last time I covered the game. Now the broccoli guy that controls the different traps around the course, is now an actual player.

So you could potentially spawn in as the broccoli guy and even be in the last game mode. Not sure what will happen if you win as him, guessing you get a crown and get first place but I really like that new feature.

There are new maps so I know the developers are updating it and there are a whole lot more types of food running around.

Honestly, I was happy to jump back into Bro Falls because I always thought it was a cool replica of Fall Guys. In my opinion Fall Guys, being 30 dollars is a complete rip-off, so this game closes the gap and gives people a chance to try something similar.

The amount of fun I had playing this with my friends has me thinking I would probably play this over fall guys just because more people can join in. Not all of my friends own fall guys or want to buy them.

So, consider giving Bro falls a shot.


At this point, most people know about Brawlhalla, and that’s because it displays a level of polish that most free games lack. Brawlhalla is basically a 2D rendition of Super Smash Bros and has a massive community of fans.

A couple of characters are available for free, but the bulk of them are locked behind a paywall. Despite this, the game will remain free to play but with limited characters.

If you decide to play a local game with friends you’ll only be able to use the starter characters. If you decide you really like the game, there’s always the option to buy characters later on, but it’s completely optional.

Brawlhalla offers many fun ways to combat your friends, whether that be by using the character’s moves or one of the many weapons each character can use. By looking at the gameplay, it’s easy to see why it’s such a popular free-to-play game, and I highly recommend playing it with a group of friends.

Rubber Bandits: Summer and Christmas Prologue

If you enjoy fighting games like gang beasts and stick fight, then this game is definitely one you should try.

There are currently 2 versions of the game named Rubber Bandits and they are prologues for you to try out before the full game releases. As far as I know, the full release will also be free but don’t quote me on that.

There are the Summer and Christmas Prologues and you can probably tell by the names, each season is the maps you play on. You can customize your character and play against your friends in a 2v2 or a free for all match.

You need to grab anything on the map and try to knock out the other players. It sounds very simple and it is, but that is what makes this game fun.

It is also extremely easy to run so no worrying about not being able to run it.

Beat Me! Puppetonia Tournament

Coming up on our last game on this list, Beat Me! Puppetonia Tournament has gotta be one of my favorites from this list. Mainly because it kinda gives me gang beasts and major stick fight vibes.

If you’ve ever played stick fight it’s basically that but with different graphics and honestly, I would rather play this game over stick fight.

This game is insanely fun with friends.

The game allows you to play anywhere from 2 to up to 6 players online AND with local multiplayer, so, that’s pretty huge if you end up having friends over or some family members want to play on the same PC.

The general idea of the game is that you and your friends play as puppets in a kingdom of puppets and you all fight it out in a puppet tournament.

I absolutely love the art style and color palette of the game. It’s got one of those looks that makes you excited to play the game. The colors are vibrant and it is just an all-around fun-looking game with a really fun concept around it.

Now, this is the free version of what is a full game but don’t let that turn you off of it. This game is really fun and well worth your time.

They do have a short little story thing going but mostly you’ll be playing this for the physics-based combat and to mess around with your friends.

You can not only play this online with your friends but you can also play locally through a shared-screen locally.

There are a ton of different characters to play as and oh there are also over 100 different interactive levels to play, which is insane. Not only that but you have different game modes to play to change up the play style.

Overall, this game is something I really recommend trying out because with friends this game is something you’ll probably keep in your Steam library for a long time.

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