Best Free Games on Nintendo Switch

Best Free Games on Nintendo Switch

Everyone who’s owned a Nintendo console before knows just how expensive those games can be.

Nintendo games rarely go on sale, and when they do, the prices usually aren’t that much lower than normal.

Fortunately, the Nintendo Switch has a decent selection of free games to choose from. Many of them are ports from other consoles, so the graphics are majorly reduced.

Even then, if the Switch is your main console, you probably won’t have a problem with how the games look.

Before everyone starts asking why Fortnite isn’t on the list, we purposely left it out since everyone already knows about it.

Here are the best free games to play on the Nintendo Switch.

Kitten Squad

Kitten Squad is a simplistic twin-stick shooter. You take control of a kitten using advanced weaponry to destroy hordes of enemies who threaten the gentle animals.

I found it to be similar to games like The Binding of Isaac, which is a game I really enjoy. You get tons of creative weapons such as carrot launchers, and there’s nonstop action from the start of the game.

But, I do have to say that this game is extremely difficult. I found myself dying very quickly from all the different enemies on screen. There isn’t a lot to say about it since it’s not a very complicated concept, but the chaos that can happen is pretty enjoyable.

If you’re into games that can be more challenging, then you’ll probably enjoy the kitten squad.

Super Bomberman R Online

If you have ever played any sort of Bomberman game, you will know that it is one of those games that can be fun but also very frustrating at times.

If you don’t know anything about Bomberman, there are usually 4 players and they are put on all 4 ends of an arena.

You then have to place down bombs and destroy the walls around the area and your goal is to eliminate the other 3 players from the game and be the last one standing.

Super Bomberman R Online is a different take on the formula because it is multiple Bomberman levels in 1.

There are around 16 levels happening at the same time with 4 players in each. You then have to beat your opponents and then make your way into other people’s arenas.

The whole goal of the game is to be the last alive. It is actually pretty difficult but if you like any sort of Bomberman game, you will definitely enjoy this one.

Island Saver

Island Saver is a game that I actually had talked about in a previous free adventure game video, and I was happy to see that the game was not only free on steam but also the switch.

I’ll be completely honest, me personally, I’m not sure I can see myself playing this game all the time or even just in general, but don’t let that turn you away from it.

There is definitely something here for you if you like these types of games. The game is a low-key adventure game where your main goal is to save an island full of animals, by cleaning up trash, and, I’m pretty sure the black goop stuff is oil.

It’s a really slow-paced and relaxing game so in the right situation and setting, this game could be something you’d really enjoy.

There are also bosses that you can encounter, as well as a whole variety of areas to explore. Surprisingly, this game is actually pretty large considering it’s completely free.

I won’t go into all of the details but there is a lot more to the game than just the surface stuff you can see from the footage. There are mini-quests and for the completionists out there, there are 42 animals spread throughout the map that you can save but they are optional.

It’s not anything groundbreaking but if you’re looking for something to sit back and relax playing, Island saver is something you should really consider downloading for yourself.


Spellbreak is a battle royale game that introduces some really interesting wizards and spells mechanics. The graphics are very similar to Breath of the Wild, and surprisingly it felt great to play on a Switch.

Now I’m not the biggest fan of battle royale games, but the theme of casting spells made it feel like an entirely new experience.

You get 2 different spells on each hand with different types of gauntlets, and you can combine those spells for devastating damage. For example, you can throw down a giant ball of acid and then throw down a wall of fire. Those 2 spells will combine to become a giant toxic fireball that wrecks enemies.

With my limited playtime I barely scratched the surface. There are tons of things to unlock and spells to discover, giving you many hours of fun.

For a port of a console and PC game, Spellbreak was surprisingly optimized for the Switch. The resolution was dumbed down a bit, but besides that, it felt like it was a natural fit for this console.

If you are a fan of battle royales then I think you’ll enjoy Spellbreak.

World of Tanks: Blitz

If you have ever played World of Tanks: Blitz, then we don’t really need to describe it for you.

There are probably many people who have actually never played World of Tanks before so basically, you get a tank and you go and shoot other tanks.

There, that is pretty self-explanatory. It is team-based and each round, you only get one like. Once you get destroyed, you have to join another game.

There are hundreds of tanks to use and each country has a line of tanks for you to follow. Each tank also has its own crews you can put in them and each crew does something different to help you in certain ways.

I would say out of this entire list, we have probably spent the most time in this game. It runs surprisingly well on the Switch and is definitely worth downloading to try at least a couple of rounds.

Super Kirby Clash

Originally, we all mistook this game for another Kirby game that was really similar to something like Smash Bros, but once playing this Super Kirby Clash, it still kind of takes inspiration from that kind of gameplay style too.

The game has you playing as, well, Kirby, and your goal is to basically go through and beat the various bosses.

That’s pretty much the premise and purpose of the game, but you can also run around in the hub area and purchase items and different swords to help you before you launch into another fight.

The variety of weapon types allows you to test out what play style you like best. You use a sword, large hammer, you can be a mage, or even a healer.

I honestly wasn’t expecting that kind of variety when I was first going into it but I really enjoyed that aspect of the game.

It’s also important to mention that the game is also co-op and online multiplayer. So, you can join up with your friends online, or play with friends or family on the same console. This is also why I thought the different fighting types were really cool.

It’s also one of the most polished games on this list but that’s expected considering it’s a Kirby title.

The game is described as a “free-to-start” game, so just keep that in mind that it’s free until a certain period, and then it becomes paid.

Still, considering you can play locally and online with friends, this game is something I think is worth downloading.

Apex Legends

Apex Legends is one of the most famous battle royales out there right now, and it was put on the Nintendo Switch pretty recently.

I do have to say that the resolution and textures are pretty bad, but that is understandable for a pretty big game to be on such a small console like that.

There are also a lot of people who play Apex Legends on console, but we are used to a keyboard and mouse so it was a little difficult playing this game on a controller.

After everything though, having Apex Legends on a small console where you can play it pretty much anywhere, we would say that it is definitely something cool to have, let's say if you are going on a trip and you don't have your PC with you.

It is pretty neat to see what developers and game companies can put on such a small handheld device. Apex is a great game to have on the Nintendo Switch.

Knockout City

Closing in on the last game of the list, Knockout City is probably the game that I had the most fun playing.

I probably had so much fun playing it because I’m a sucker for round-based PVP games so, keep that in mind, but regardless I think it has a lot going for it to warrant a download.

The game kind of reminds me a little of the Fortnite type model, not that it’s a battle royal, because it isn’t, but because of the animation style and the really refined movement and playstyle.

The premise of the game is there are two teams, red and blue, and the main mode is a 3v3 or 4v4 where your goal is to eliminate the other within, I believe, 3 or 4 rounds.

The gameplay is extremely solid here and just a side note, if you are playing on switch, just keep in mind that the game has a crazy amount of aim assist. It practically aims lock, but if you happen to download it and play it on steam, I’m not really sure if that’s the case.

There are different types of dodgeballs to throw and you also have the ability to catch dodgeballs too.

In all honesty, this game is insanely fun and you can pick this up and play with friends or even just hop in an online match with randoms and still have a lot of fun playing it.

Knockout City was really surprising and is a must have if you’re looking for a free multiplayer game.

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