Best Base Defense in Rust

Best Base Defense in Rust


1. Land Mine

The first base defense you will want to get are Land Mines. These are very important if you have a courtyard or an open area in your base. If anyone walks on them, they will blow up as soon as they walk off of them. The only downside to having these is if they know they are on one, they can have a friend come over and disarm it for them. You probably want to put these in taller grass and near openings on your base. These are great for defending.

2. Shotgun Trap

The second base defense you will want to get are Shotgun Traps. You can get these very early on in the game so they are best to get as soon as possible. These will shoot anyone who is not connected to the Cupboard so you don’t have to worry about authorizing yourself on them. They are very easy to set up, and are fun to use on enemies raiding your base. If you find one, research it so you can make more in the future.

3. Flame Turret

The third base defense you will want to get are Flame Turrets. These are a step up from the Shotgun Traps because you need to connect them to a battery to work. It used to be that you can just set it up, but in recent updates, it is a lot harder to set them up in your base. It is a flamethrower turret that deals massive damage to anyone that gets in the way. It is a perfect defense for corners and chest rooms.

4. Auto Turret

The fourth base defense you will want to get are Auto Turrets. These are turrets that automatically detect enemies depending on what setting you have it on, and shoot on site. It is basically a base turret that lets you place whatever weapon you want into it so it can take out any enemies trying to get near or in your base. It is the best defense for your base, but a lot harder to make since you need electricity and a gun to make it work.

5. SAM Site

The fifth and final base defense you will want is the SAM Site. This is by far the biggest piece of machinery you will have on your base because it is a giant missile turret that goes on the top of your base. The ammo is very difficult to make, it is very large, and it takes electricity to use. It shoots down any helicopters that go by your house so make sure to tell your friends not to fly by.

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