Best $0.99 Multiplayer Game on Steam

Best $0.99 Multiplayer Game on Steam

Quality multiplayer games are usually priced around $30 - $60 on steam, and it seems almost impossible to find a good multiplayer game for just $0.99. I am here to present my top pick for a multiplayer that's actually worth purchasing with friends, for just $0.99.

Bean Battles

So, here it is. After much searching, Bean Battles is my top pick. Why Bean Battles?


The combat in Bean Battles is so bare-bones, yet, it is somehow extremely refreshing. It's nice to play a game that's is unpolished and just straight fun. You won't be getting anything insanely in-depth, but I can assure you that you will have a ton of fun.


Bean Town - basically a copy off of nuketown but with its own low poly twist. The map is really fun!

Campout - A larger map that is really open but fun to do snipers only challenges on.

Whiteout - This is also a bigger map but my favorite map to do team battles on.

Shipment - My personal favorite map is Shipment. I don't know exactly why but it just feels right and is paced really well.

Why Buy it?

Bean Battles is essentially a battle royal, but it feels more like a call of duty with inspiration from killer bean. There are so many fun weapons and the game is extremely basic and unpolished. I think that is what gives it its charm. The game is extremely fun and is well worth the $0.99 price tag. Make sure to get it with friends!

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