Beginner's Guide to Starting Out in Rust

Beginner's Guide to Starting Out in Rust


1. Find a good server

The first tip that I can give you is to find a good server. Find one with very low ping, and depending on how many players you are comfortable sharing a server with. If you are up for the challenge, try joining one with a lot of people in it, but if you are just starting out, try one with very few people so you can get an idea of what to expect in a large server.

2. Loot everything you can

The second tip that I can give you is to loot everything you can. If you see a barrel, go and break it for loot. If you see a body on the ground with stuff, take everything, because you will need a ton of stuff later on to succeed. Try looting Monuments near you because you can find some decent loot by doing loot trips. Just make sure you don’t die because you will lose everything and you will be forced to start over.

3. Find a place for a base

The third tip that I can give you is to find a place to build a base. This is one of the most important decisions you need to make because you want to choose a location near important Monuments, but be away from people so you are not attacked every five seconds. If you want to, you can make friends with some people and make a truce so you can build a base near them. This will give protection for both of you if one is getting attacked.

4. Build a fortified base

The fourth tip goes along with finding a place, you need to build a fortified base. Your location is deeply important, but your defenses are even more important. At first, you will be vulnerable, but as you play, you will eventually get better and better fortifications like turrets and traps. Also, you will want to honeycomb your house and make multiple layers so it is harder for enemies to raid your base.

5. Start blueprinting as fast as you can

The fifth tip that I can give you is to start blueprinting as soon as you can. Blueprints are very important because those are how you craft the better items in the game. You can either find a research table in a Monument or build one in your house at a Level 1 Workbench with 200x Metal Frags and 75x Scrap. Blueprints are very important so save up your Scrap.

6. Choose your motives

The sixth and final tip that I can give you is to choose your motives. There will be other people around the area when you join public servers so you have to choose how you want to act. If you go into a server as a merciless murderer and kill everyone you see, then later on, everyone will go after you. If you go in and talk to people before doing anything and only kill the aggressive people, then you can team with other peaceful people and take out the annoying people. It is up to you what you want to do.

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