Astroneer: How to Salvage

Astroneer: How to Salvage

Astroneer is vast and in some way, a complicated game. The game does a great job of implementing many ways to harvest. Along with the traditional resources to collect, we can now salvage scrap.

So how do you salvage in Astroneer? You will first need to make either a medium, large, or extra-large shredder. Once you make one of these, you will need to place it on a platform and connect the power. Now gather some scrap in your area and place it into your shredder.

You will see scrap start to be extruding from the shredder. Once enough scrap is put through the machine, you will get a block of scrap. You can now use this salvaged scrap to trade for other resources.

1. Researching the shredder

  • Medium Shredder ( 1000 Bytes )
  • Large Shredder ( 2000 Bytes )
  • Extra Large Shredder ( 5000 Bytes )

Depending on the amount of scrap you want to salvage will help in the decision of choosing one of these. The Medium Shredder is a great starting point because of its low Byte price. If you are looking for more volume then you want to go for the Large Shredder. The Extra Large Shredder is the best choice, due to the amount of scrap it can take at once.

2. What you'll need

  • Medium Shredder = 2x Iron
  • Large Shredder = 2x Iron + 1x Tungsten Carbide
  • Extra Large Shredder = 2x Tungsten Carbide + 2x Steel

The Medium Shredder is a great start and only requires 2x Iron. For more volume, you could go with the Large Shredder but will need at least 1x Tungsten Carbide. The best option, however, most expensive would be the Extra Large Shredder; if you have 2x Tungsten Carbide and 2x Steel. You can get a good amount of scrap from any of these options.

3. Printing the shredder

  • Medium Shredder can be printed on the Small Printer
  • Large Shredder can be printed on the Medium Printer
  • Extra Large Shredder can be printed on the Large Printer

Another factor to consider is which printer you currently have. If you only have a small printer, the medium shredder is going to be your best option. This goes for each of the corresponding printers.

4. Place and plug

You are going to want to make sure your shredder is placed on a platform and plugged into your power source.

5. Get scrap

  • Before you go out, make sure to grab dynomite if possible.
  • Bring a rover to gather more.
  • Put small scrap on your rover ( Or backpack )
  • Use dynamite to break down the larger scrap.

Gathering scrap is an easy process. In an ideal case, you can bring a rover and some dynamite, and if not, you can still come out with some good scrap.

6. Place scrap in the shredder

  • Medium Shredder is good for smaller scrap
  • Large Shredder is good for medium sized scrap
  • Extra Large Shredder can handle larger scrap

You can ultimately dynamite all scrap into what the medium shredder can handle; However, if you do not have dynamite, you can easily fit the larger scrap in the bigger shredders.

7. Gather Scrap

Once you get salvage enough scrap, a block of scrap will extrude out of the shredder. Now you can use this to trade for various resources.


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