Astroneer - Buy or Pass

Astroneer - Buy or Pass

I have made a lot of Astroneer content here on CuboldGaming, but that doesn't exactly express how I feel about the game. Astroneer is different from all other games, but is it really worth buying? Or should you just pass on it?

What is Astroneer

Astroneer is a sandbox adventure game with some elements of survival. You start out landing on a planet in your little pod and your goal is to colonize the planet and eventually travel to the other planets in your solar system

Is It Fun?

This game is really unlike any other and it holds kinda a special little place in my Steam library. I got this game back in 2018 when it was still in early access with a few friends and the first couple of weeks we were just constantly playing it

Everything intrigued me. We all wanted to build our base up to the point where we could explore all of the other planets around us, and eventually colonize those too.

The first time we got to a planet I had no idea where to go and it just happens that we ended up on the most hostile planet in the solar system. Regardless it was a lot of fun and when you start out in this game it's so exciting and mysterious.

You'll always be wondering what the other planets look like and where you’ll end up wanting to settle.

Deeper Than It Seems

The game is pretty much a sandbox where you explore the planet and build up to the point where you travel to reach the other planets, but that sounds somewhat shallow.

The game has a lot of layers to it, for instance, the mining aspect. You can find specific materials on the surface, but going deeper into the planet will guide you to massive cave systems

Down here you’ll encounter the only harm to you aside from the loss of oxygen and fall damage which is plants.

Some of these can instakill you so it's always a good option to kill them off before getting near them. Some spit outgasses and some explode when you are near them.

I like that they added this to the game because it poses a threat, now, I wish there were other life forms to deal with, which would have made this game a lot more exciting.

Astroneer Lore

Going back to the surface you can find other wrecked ships around you that you can salvage from and even some destroyed rovers.

Now, this makes you wonder if there is some kind of story to the game, and as there is very little known about the lore. If you look a the Astroneer website. The website does give us some information on this saying that:

Astroneer is set during a 25th-century gold rush where players must explore the frontiers of outer space, risking their lives and resources in harsh environments for the chance of striking it rich.

So without getting too much into this, it's possible there will be some sort of lore added in the future.

Art Style

The game also looks great, it's artistically designed in a way that it won't age. Somewhat like Minecraft or little big planet, it has its own art style so that the game looks good but won't age.


Also, if you are a person who loves crafting and some of those games like brick rigs or satisfactory type then you’ll love the crafting here. The game has a ton of options.

Now with the new update you now even have automation. The game has all types of things like atmospheric condensers for getting all kinds of gasses, smelters, centrifuges, and the ability to appeal to the casual player as well as those hardcore players who want a deep mechanical crafting system.

Traveling to Other Planets

Traveling through your solar system is incredible. This game does it so well, and with 7 different planets to explore, there isn't any shortage of content here.


Now, how do I feel about this game? After making all these guides and tips videos, how do I feel about the game and will I recommend it? Yes, Astroneer is separate from other crafting adventure games. This game gives you a solar system, your own plot, and a mining tool and says go. I’ll be honest, I don't play this game too much anymore, but I have over 60 hours in the game and I honestly can say that It was money well spent. The game runs for 30 dollars right now and if you are looking for a solid adventure crafting game to play with friends then this is a really solid option.

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