7 Best Free Steam Games to Play When Bored

7 Best Free Steam Games to Play When Bored


Have you ever sat down on your computer and just stared at your screen for a very long time and wondered what you should play? Well, you are in luck because all the games on this list are for the people who just don’t know exactly what to play.

These are games you download and relax while playing them. They aren’t necessarily games you will be playing every day, but they are fun for the small amount of time you spend in them.

Every single game on this list is not large at all and they don’t need high-end hardware to run. You could even run most of these games on Mac.

Some of them are actually addicting so you might actually enjoy some of the games on this list. This is Chug and today we will be showing you the top 7 best free steam games to play when you are bored.

7. Supesu

Supersu is one of those unique puzzle games that can be confusing at first. The whole point of the game is to get the sphere to the correct block. You will need to move the block sections around and use the colors of each piece to get the sphere to where it needs to be.

It can be very confusing to look at but trust me when you play it, it’s relaxing and fun to figure out. When you are in the mood for a puzzle game, you might want to check this one out because it is very different from other free puzzle games.

We didn’t really know about this game when we made our Puzzle Game list, but if we knew about it then, we definitely would have put it in. There is a lot of replayability and is definitely a fun game to pass the time.


HOME is a game where you don’t even need to think at all. It is basically a walking simulator with relaxing music. You are a little white character and you just need to go door to door and just say hi to random things.

As you walk around, you meet random people, and eventually, a cat will start to follow you around. It is very basic, but it is a game you play when you are bored. You could also play it to show some love to the developer.

It is a game that is there to help relax you and the visuals are actually very satisfying to look at. There isn’t much to this game at all so if you just want to relax and walk around in a small game, then this game should definitely be on your list to enjoy.

5. HomeWind

HomeWInd can be compared to something like Islanders or even Dorf Romantic. It is a city builder puzzle that actually has a very unique style to it. You need to place down your town hall area, and then base your town around that.

Certain buildings have a point system and when placed down near the wrong building will actually give you negative points. There is a sandbox mode that has no end, but the actual missions are pretty fun.

It is another great puzzle game that most people have no idea exists and is definitely worth checking out even if you aren’t bored. The style alone should get you to install it and try it for yourself. It is also very relaxing as well.

4. Bubble People

Bubble People is a very odd game. It is about you popping certain objects in each area. The game is there to relax you, and there is even a sandbox mode that allows you to pop a bunch of different objects.

It is supposed to be like you are popping bubble wrap which it does a good job of portraying that. The game reminds us a lot of Hidden Folks with that hand-drawn style, but it is very different.

You need to find the objects on the menu and pop them until all the objects are gone from the screen. It is a very simple game but it is very satisfying to play. It is definitely a game to play when you have nothing else to do.

3. Gravity

Gravity is one of those games that feels like you are playing Geometry Dash. You need to move the small square to the end of each level. The hard part of the game is the fact that once you click a certain direction, the block only stops when it hits a corner.

This makes the game very difficult if there are a lot of bricks that destroy you. There are also a ton of easier levels that you need to get through as fast as possible. There are a ton of levels to choose from and you can even make your own.

There is a lot of potential with this game since it is totally free. The gameplay is extremely solid and the movement is very polished. It is a very small game and it runs amazingly well. If you enjoy games that can relax or even challenge you, then you might want to check this one out for yourself.

2. SuchArt: Creative Space

Suchart creative space is the free version of SuchArt. The difference between the free and paid version is that the paid version gets the campaign and you can change a bunch of stuff around in your gallery. The free version is just a sandbox.

This is definitely enough to spend hundreds of hours in if you enjoy painting. It has some of the best painting physics in any game that we have seen and it is very fun to mess around in. The game also gives you the option to create some seriously good pictures.

The painting is soo realistic, that you can even follow a Bob Ross painting tutorial and it will look exactly like the real thing. We would highly recommend anyone to check this game out and if you enjoy the sandbox, you might want to go and buy the full thing.

We have never had soo much fun in a painting game before and recommend everyone to at least try it once, even if you are bored or not.

1. Leaf Blower Revolution

Leaf Blower Revolution is one of those games that you actually forget the time while playing it. It looks very boring from the gameplay, but for some reason, you can spend 2-3 hours in the game and you don’t even know where the time went.

You are basically a leaf blower worker and it is your job to keep the yard clean. Every leaf you push out of view you get money for and you can upgrade everything so you can maximize your profits.

We don’t know why it is fun, but it is actually addicting. If you do download it, just be warned that you might spend too much time in it. You will get sucked in and all you are going to want to do is blow leaves to get more money to blow more leaves.

Who needs to touch grass when you can blow virtual leaves all day.

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