5 Reasons you should buy Red Dead Redemption 2

5 Reasons you should buy Red Dead Redemption 2


1. Story

The first reason you should buy the game is because of the story. There are games that are pretty long like this one, but this one just felt polished in its story all the way around. I am not really going to tell you what the story is about, but I will say this. The whole game makes you feel like you are watching a show.

I mean the cutscenes aren’t flawless like in Last of Us 2, but when you are watching a cutscene, you can pretty much sit back and enjoy the ride. I think that this game is even better than watching a TV show just because you get to choose what happens and control the protagonist for yourself.

2. Graphics

The second reason you should buy the game is because of the graphics. There have only been a few other games that have actually amazed me with the graphics of the game, but Red Dead 2 just takes it to another level. Yes, the map is massive, but a lot of it is the scenery and large open fields.

That is not a bad thing though because that is what the area was like when this game actually takes place. The characters in the game look amazing and you can tell every emotion that they are feeling. Honestly, you just have to play the game to see for yourself.

3. Open World

The third reason you should buy the game is because of the open world you can explore. Not only can you go from corner to corner of the massive map, but you can also find a ton of side quests and missions all over the place.

There are buildings in the world that you can break into and explore and a ton of unexpected things that can be pushed on you at any second. You could be riding down a road and see someone getting robbed, and you can either help or look away and it will affect your Honor in the world. The game is massive and there is so much to explore.

4. Combat

The fourth reason you should buy the game is because of the uniqueness of the combat system. Yes, on the outside, it might look like just another Rockstar shooting game, but believe me, the way Red Dead 2 tackles the combat is incredible. There are so many weapons to choose from, ranging from rifles to revolvers.

They are also adding more weapons as the game goes on so keep that in mind. In story mode, when you get a headshot, it does a slow-motion replay of the kill that looks very cinematic. There is also a slow-motion mode called Deadeye you can use for a certain amount of time. It is done very well and the game has some great content.

5. Online

The fifth and final reason you should buy the game is because of the Online mode. Online is compared to GTA Online, but believe me, it is nothing like it. When you start a new Online character, you basically have nothing depending on what edition of the game you have.

You have to slowly try to get money and level up so you can get better items to make your money much easier. You can also mount up and complete the Online story and you can do all of this with your friends that own the game. It is a great deal just for the Online itself if you ask me.

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