5  Physics-Based Building Games On Steam

5 Physics-Based Building Games On Steam

Have you ever wanted to play a building game with challenges, or just mess around with friends? All but one of these games is multiplayer. This list is made with number five being the easiest to learn, while number one is difficult with programming individual functions. Now here are the five fun physics-based building games on steam.

How do building games work exactly?

All of these building games work with vehicles and programming these vehicles correctly. You can make many different things in these games using what the game gives you. These game's builders all work very differently in simple camera movement to actually placing parts.

5. Trailmakers

Trailmakers is a game where the part selection is a bit lacking, but you can still manage to make the vehicles you make look realistic out of just simple blocks and ramps. This game features full eight-player multiplayer support, plus a campaign mode and many different race challenges, and full workshop support. The physics for wind and water are great!

The possibilities for making creations are almost endless, with creations ranging from small cars to massive aircraft carriers floating in the water. The driving and movements of properly programmed cars feel great and I highly recommend trying this game.

4. Brick Rigs

Brick Rigs is a game that widely takes its inspiration from Lego games, and this game has many different modes including sandbox, conquest, and battle. There is a full steam workshop for this game with a lot of good creations to download. This game has multiplayer support and there are even roleplay servers.

The community is mainly based of younger children, but if you can get past that, the game is really enjoyable. This game is my most played game on steam. It has so much possibility and it is fun with friends

3. Scrap Mechanic

Scrap Mechanic is a game where there is not a separate builder, just a small tool to connect individual nodes to each other. The logic in the game gives you access to all sorts of different machines and contraptions. This game has a sandbox and survival mode, and it features multiplayer support and a workshop.

The survival focuses on a mechanic that crashed on a farming planet, to fix robots that are there. Those robots go rouge and destroyed the cities and stopped serving the people who controlled them. You have to farm in order to get food and progress, but everytime you farm, the bots raid your base.

2. Kerbal Space Program

Kerbal Space program is a game where you lead the space program to get off the planet Kerbin. It has advanced logic and physics, one example is if you have unbalanced weight on one side, the rocket will tip over and plummet down to the planet below. This game features a sandbox mode, a career mode, and a full steam workshop.

You can create many different things, including space stations, rockets, rovers, space shuttles, and much more. This game might be finnicky at times, one small change could make all the difference. This game is very advanced in its builder.

1. Main Assembly

Main assembly has a very advanced building system, being able to select individual nodes on your creation. There is an advanced programming system as well. It features multiplayer and workshop support as well as challenges and sandbox.

With the recent release of 1.0 this game has many different features. It has space maps, deserts, flatlands, and just all around cool features. You can even make your own racetracks with the worldbuilder, which you can then race on with the vehicles you made.


Trailmakers, Brick Rigs, Scrap Mechanic, Kerbal Space Program, and Main Assembly all are different in their own ways, but they all have similar physics. Trailmakers has a campaign. Brick Rigs has satisfying destruction. Scrap Mechanic has a full survival mode. Kerbal Space Program has a career mode, and Main Assembly has many challenges and many other features.

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