16 Ways to Heal in Noita

16 Ways to Heal in Noita

Noita is probably one of the most unforgiving games ever. One reason for that is that the game never tells you anything besides basic movement controls. The main reason, though, is because there are so many possible ways to get hurt.

Because of that, healing is an extremely important thing to have during your runs. Once you master the secrets of healing, you’re able to extend the length of your runs and win much more often.

There are actually quite a few ways to heal yourself, though some of these methods are quite hard to do. For this guide, I’ll be breaking down everything into categories so that it’s easier to follow.

This guide will have massive spoilers in it, so only continue if you don't mind seeing spoilers.

Perk Based Healing

The first category of healing is Perk Based Healing, meaning you have to get a specific perk to use them. Some of these will dramatically hinder your run, while others will enable you to stay alive for much longer.

1. No Wand Tinkering

Not gonna lie, this is probably the worst perk in the entire game. The entire point of Noita is to build powerful wands, and this perk completely stops you from editing them.

The healing aspect comes by the perk giving enemies a chance to drop blood money, which is red gold that heals you. While it is a way to heal, the downside is never worth it. If you have amazing wands already and you’re not planning a long run, maybe, but it’ll do much more harm than good.

2. Vampirism

Vampirism is a decent perk that drops for health by 25%, but allows you to drink blood for health.

It can work very well by keeping you alive early game, but the more health you have the longer it’ll take to heal. You can stack this with the More Blood Perk for potentially unlimited heals, though you’ll be spending an awful long time sitting there slurping up that delicious red juice.

3. Wand Experimenter

Wand Experimenter is another decent perk that lets you heal by firing wands you’ve never used before. You can fire the wand a total of 7 times with diminishing heal increases each click, which heals you a total of 69 health.

This perk relies on you being able to find new wands, and can be a good perk to grab if you’re finding yourself low on health.

4. Trick Blood Money

Despite what some people may say about this perk, trick blood money is great because it synergizes well with Trick Greed, which doubles the amount of gold and health you get from accidental kills.

While it may not be the best early game, it can easily stack if you’re visiting many parallel worlds. This will cause hundreds of gold blood money to drop and will heal quite a bit of your health.

One great tip for this perk is you can throw Emerald Tablets and other physics objects at enemies, which always generates double gold. By doing this with the Trick Blood Money Perk, you can turn the Emerald Tablet into a great health generation method.

5. Healthy Explorer

In my opinion, Healthy Explorer is the best of these early game, since it provides no downsides and gives you 60 health for every new area you explore. If you find yourself running low on health, all you need to do is enter a new area like the Fungal Caverns and you get 60 health.

The best way to use this perk is to not pick up the Full Heal in each Holy Mountain, and then go heal in the next area. Later on when your health is low, you can come back and pick up the Full Heal.

This lets you explore many more areas and will keep you alive long enough to find better wands.

Enemy Healers

The next category of healing is by using enemy healers. There are 2 enemies in the game that can heal you, but only if you know the proper methods to take advantage of it.

6. Hiisi Healers

The easiest healing enemies to find are the Red Hiisi Healers with Green Healing Bolt Launcher. They’re most often found in Hiisi Base, but you can find them in the Underground Jungle and several other biomes.

Normally these little guys will heal your enemies, but by spraying them with a Pheromone Potion, they’ll become your friend and heal you.

Be careful though, enemies will target them while they have Pheromone on them.

If you don’t manage to get a pheromone potion, a harder way is standing between two healers and injuring one of them with a kick. It’s sometimes very hard to find multiple, and when you do there are often other enemies nearby.

Another method similar to that is by standing between them and a burning enemy. Burning enemies won’t attack you, and the healer will try to heal their burn damage. Every once in a while, let the healer heal the burning enemy, and he’ll keep firing healing bolts for longer.

The last way you can use them is by enchanting enemies with the necromancy perk. Healers will always try to heal the necromanced enemies, and you can stand between that to heal yourself.

There are probably several other ways, but those are all the ones I can think of right now.

7. Repair Drones

The second enemy you can heal with are Repair Drones, who most often spawn in The Vault.

Unlike Hiisi Healers, you can’t use Pheromone on them, so the only way you can heal is to stand between them and an enemy they’re healing.

If you have the Telekinetic Kick Perk, you can grab the robot using the force and hold it where it’ll only heal you.

Besides that though, it’s very hard to heal with them.

Magical Liquids

The next category is magical liquids. These 3 liquids will all heal you in different ways, though most of them are incredibly rare. If you do find them though, you can potentially make them infinite using the fungal shift method, which I’ll briefly explain.

If you find your way into the fungal caverns, or any area with the pink weird fungus, you can eat it by holding the S key down. Eating this stuff will make you get high, and if you’re tripping status effect exceeds 180 seconds, one material in the world will be changed.

When you’re holding a flask of any material or liquid, there is a 75% chance that one random material in the world will change to the material in your hand, or that the liquid in your hand will change to a random material.

It’s definitely a gamble, but if you change a healing liquid into something common like sand or worm blood, you’ll have infinite amounts of that material.

8. Healthium

One of the rarest materials in the entire game is Healthium. If you find one of these, you should Heal Up by drinking it, and then immediately try to Fungal Shift it.

I have a couple hundred hours in Noita, and I’ve never seen it in the wild. If you ever do find it, you’ll be incredibly lucky, and you don’t want that luck to go to waste by simply drinking the entire thing.

9. Lively Concoction

Lively Concoction is yet another healing potion that you’re more likely to find. I’ve found it several times in the wild, and there’s even a way to increase your chance of finding it.

Lively Concoction is created by combining 3 different materials with each other, with those materials being different every single seed. If you can find this combination, you could create as much of it as you want, or choose to Fungal Shift it to something more common.

There’s a website that I’ll link in the description that will show the 3 ingredients by simply inputting your seed. This site shows both you the Lively Concoction materials and the Alchemic Precursor materials, and it’s incredibly helpful when the materials are all easy to obtain.

10. Hearty Porridge

Hearty Porridge is very easy to obtain since you automatically get a flask of it when you choose the Eat Your Vegetables perk. This perk will force you to eat food in order to stay alive but will increase your damage depending on how much food you eat.

The best way to use it is to drink some of it, and then use the rest to Fungal Shift. If you get lucky, you’ll have unlimited Hearty Porridge for the rest of the run.

Healing Items

These healing items are small consumable items that can never be made infinite. Once you’ve used their healing power, they’ll disappear forever.

11. Cruel Orb

A Cruel Orb is a very difficult to find item. Normally Gold Orbs can spawn around the world, but those Gold Orbs will turn into Cruel Orbs when you have the Curse of Greed Active.

It’ll act just like a Gold Orb, except it drops Blood Money instead of Gold. After a random number of kicks, it’ll explode and damage you. It’s a major gamble, so it’s up to you if you’re willing to take that risk.

12. Refreshing Gourds

Refreshing Gourds are items you can always find in a small cave on the Westen Edge of the world. If you manage to climb high enough, you’ll see a couple of these gourds laying on the ground. Throwing them at the ground will cause a healing field to spawn, similar to the Circle of Vigor.

These gourds also have alternate uses, which I’ll let you try to figure out for yourself.

13. Kammi

The Kammi is the best of these healing items, since it can be found randomly underground. Kammis will cause a small cabin to spawn when you throw it on the ground, and you’ll be healed by several healing bolts.

It’s a great item to have in an emergency, and if you find one you should always pick it up.

Healing Spells

In my opinion, healing spells are the number one way to heal in the entire game. With the right spell combination, they can be made infinite, allowing you to heal whenever and wherever you want.

14. Healing Bolt

Healing Bolts are usually pretty commonly found around the world, and when you get them you can heal yourself right away. The easiest way to do that is to dive into the water pool in the Holy Mountain, and fire the Healing Bolt at the ceiling. After you do that, quickly swim up and touch the Healing Bolt.

An even better way is to combine it with a boomerang spell that’ll automatically make it come back at you. These spells aren’t infinite though, and won’t be made infinite with the unlimited spells perk.

You can make them infinite by combining them with various Greek Letter spells though.

If you take the Concentrated Spells Perk, Healing Bolt will actually start to damage you. You can counteract this by placing a Piercing Spell modifier before it, and it will heal you once again.

In an emergency, you can throw the Healing Bolt wand on the ground for an enemy to pick up, and they’ll attack you with it, healing you instead of hurting you.

15. Circle of Vigor

Circle of Vigor is the most effective healing spell, but it’s much rarer than the healing bolt.

When you find it, you can immediately heal yourself by standing inside it.

If you manage to get one, use it sparingly, and use spell refreshers when needed. Try to get ahold of Greek Letter Spells as soon as you can, and you’ll have an amazing infinite healing wand.

16. Full Heals

The most obvious way to heal is by using the full heals in the Holy Mountain, but most players don’t know that there are other ways to obtain these heals.

The Dark Cave

To the left of the mines, there’s an extremely dark cave filled with water. This cave contains 1 full heal and one health up, but it’s impossible to see in unaided.

There are 3 easy ways to see inside the cave, though you’ll either have to swim quite a bit or dig through hard rock.

The first way is by drinking worm blood. Worm blood lets you see in the dark, and you’ll have superhuman sight as long as the worm blood stays in your system.

The second way is by putting a light modifier onto a spell. It’ll act like a flashlight, quickly illuminating the area until the spell disappears. The best spells to use with the light modifier are ones that last longer, such as bubble spells.

The third way is by using the All Seeing Eye perk. Keep in mind that the All Seeing Eye Spell won’t work, so only the perk is effective.

Mini Boss Drops

Several of the Minibosses will drop full heals when you beat them, though those are best saved for late game. At that point, you’ll most likely have an alternative healing method. If you manage to get an overpowered wand, those Health Pickups will be an easy thing to obtain.

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