10 New Upcoming Survival Games on Steam

10 New Upcoming Survival Games on Steam


If you are like me, you’re always looking for the next best survival game experience, but there is never really any sure way of knowing if an upcoming survival game is good. Well, here are 10 upcoming survival games that I think look interesting enough to keep an eye out for.

10. Tree of Life: Oddria

So, Tree of Life: Oddria is the first game I wanted to showcase and it’s actually a follow-up to another game called Tree of Life.

The game places you on an island and you slowly build very own village. Now, along with being able to build your own village, you can play with other players and either make alliances with them or you could be enemies with them.

I think the most interesting part of this game is the sort of pirate feel. You can explore caves and ruins to try and find gold and treasure.

The game is planned to release sometime in late 2020 and it’s definitely a game you should keep an eye on and it’s a great start to the list.

9. SmalLand

If you’ve ever seen footage of the game Grounded, then this game will look and I’m assuming even feel really similar to that.

The premise is essentially the same as Grounded. You start out shrunken down and your goal is to survive and figure out what happened to you and why you shrank.

The main difference I see here is that it looks like you’re stuck in a forest and you interact with more animals like squirrels and birds.

I like the concept of Grounded and if SmallLand pulls it off, I think it could be really interesting to see it implemented in a different setting. This is also set to release sometime in 2021.

8. Red Frost

So, when I was researching Red Frost, the game reminded me a lot of the Forest. The reason I thought that was because there are survival elements but an underlying story too.

The game is a first-person survival game that’s story-driven and has horror elements too. You’re placed in a harsh winter environment in a post-apocalyptic Russia.

The game has crafting and exploration but as I said before, there is a horror aspect to the game. From what I can gather there are also mutant or zombie-like creatures that roam the world.

This is set to release sometime in 2021.

7. Wild Planet

Wild Planet really caught my attention because the game aims to be somewhat of a relaxing survival experience.

The vibe I got from this game is one I get from Astroneer. I am always down to play a survival game that allows you to actually have an enjoyable relaxing experience.

So, your spaceship crashes on a planet and you slowly discover the lore behind the planet, not only this, but the planet is set on a 90-day cycle.

During that 90 day cycle, the planet will decay and change and once the 90-day cycle is up, the world will change. Adding new dungeons and entire landscapes will change too.

Even though it doesn’t have a definitive release date at this time, this one is definitely one I’ll be watching.

6. Endling

This next game seems a lot different than the others on the list. Basically, you play as a mother fox in a destroyed post-apocalyptic world, with the goal of protecting your cubs.

The graphical design looks very interesting and I think the premise is a lot different than what other games would go for.

You can explore the world and kill animals to bring them to your cubs and from what I’ve read, you traverse the world to eventually bring your cubs to the only safe place where they can’t be harmed.

The game looks very interesting and I think it’s worth keeping tabs on.

5. The Wild at Heart

Wild at heart, to me, looks like a combination of the don’t starve graphics and movement, but also if you’ve ever played the old Pikman Nintendo games, it seems it has some elements of controlling little Pikmin like creatures to evolve the gameplay.

Wild at Heart is also aiming to release in 2021 and If the game is anything like Don’t Starve with the addition of game mechanics from Pikmin, then this game is on to watch out for.

4. Moon Village

So, Moon Village is a space simulation game, and there isn’t much known about the game yet but the developers say that you can build launch rockets, build your own land and orbital stations, and build all types of vehicles to traverse the moon.

As I said, there isn’t much known about the game right now and it doesn’t have a release date just yet, but from what we know so far, this could potentially be a really cool survival experience.

3. Frozen Flame

Frozen Flame is a multiplayer RPG, where you can craft items, fight creatures, and of course, build your own base.

This game looks awesome, from what I’ve watched, the bigger boss creatures look really cool and you have to have a different approach to each boss.

There are dungeons and the leveling up system revolves around, what’s called, flame. You gain flame as you kill more monsters and complete quests, and I don’t know if this is for sure but it seems you can lose the flame you have, kind of like the soul system in dark souls.

I just know that I will definitely have my eye on this one, oh and it’s supposed to release sometime in late 2020.

2. TinkerTown

I’m really excited about this one. So TinkerTown is a multiplayer sandbox survival game. There’s crafting, building, dungeon exploring, and uncovering a lot of the lore.

The game also has an underworld where you face all kinds of bosses and the game looks like it’ll be similar to Terraria, with a different look and mechanics.

The game is supposed to release sometime soon, possibly really soon, and there is also a free demo that you can download, so you can try it out. This is one I’ll be keeping my eye on for sure.

1. Icarus

So, the last game I wanted to talk about is Icarus. This is a multiplayer game where you’re placed on an alien planet.

There’s base building and crafting, and the crafting seems very extensive. You build technology and I think your end goal is to escape the planet.

I think it’s also really important to mention that the game is going to be free-to-play. There isn’t any set in stone release date yet, but the game looks very promising and I know I’ll be playing this when it comes out.

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